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Show your quilts at NYQuilts! this year!

click here for 2001 Quilt Registration info and forms

NYQuilts! is a judged show, meaning the quilts are judged while they are hanging, before the show opens. It is not juried, or pre-judged. We welcome all entries and would only have to turn away quilts when we run out of room to hang them in.

We made some changes in our point system and minor changes in our entry requirements in 2001.

Every year our complete registration brochure and entry forms are online.

2001 Judges are - Mary K. Ryan and Kathy Riley.

Click here for some thoughts on "why should I enter?"

Quilt Theme Contest: 2001 - A Quilt Odyssey

In honor of the millennium -- this year's theme is all about the journey. This year's theme contest is a little different than other years. Show us what your quilt odyssey has been like. Everyone starts someplace and ends up somewhere else.

Click here for details we hope you'll share our excitement at the prospect of seeing some "then and now" quilts on display! In order to enter the theme contest, you don't need to send an early quilt you made -- only a photo of one which we will display (after judging) alongside your new quilt.

(NOTE: Your quilt is not required to fit the theme to be entered in NYQuilts! If you have a quilt that fits the theme, and designate it as such, it will be considered for an additional award.)

Invitational Quilts at 2001 NYQuilts!

We'll be combing the quilt world for interesting quilts to have as invitational pieces at the next NYQuilts!

Featured New York Quilter 2001

Diane Rode Schneck

Diane has been quilting since 1974, and has been a teacher and designer since 1980. She describes herself as "an unrepentant fabriholic since the third grade." Diane's quilts have been exhibited internationally and seen in many magazines and books. She has taught locally in NYC, at New England Images and the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

Diane's current quilts use images of American Diner icons - coffee cups, classic diner food and neon signs. You can "get a taste" for her work at her web site:

Got a candidate for Featured NY Quilter? We are always interested in hearing about potential quilters.

GOT quilts? If you are involved in a guild or group challenge or project that you think would make a great invitational display please let us know. Please include contact info, projected costs and a good description of the quilts and challenge when you contact us.

We're also very interested in showing more antique quilts, especially quilts made in NY or with a NY connection, but that's not a requirement. You can contact us by email or at the post office box above.

You may contact us by email if you have a web page with photos, or send us photos and information by snail mail to: NYQuilts! PO Box 93 Brainard, NY 12024-0093.

Antique quilts and other invitationals are not judged and there is not an entry fee for displaying them.

2001 NYQuilts! Raffle Quilt

Designed by Pat Piniazek and Mary Beth Goodman - this year's quilt draws from the classic bar quilt designs.

Photos to come!

 2001 Block Challenge

As a special note, we'd like to encourage school kids to make blocks for this challenge - so parents and teachers, please check this out!

Click here for complete info and entry form


Click here to see what the 2000 block challenge was like.

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