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Saturday, July 19, 2003  
rachel in progress
Rachel is starting to take form. Her head scarf wouldn't stay put (makes sense to me that it would be ok to wear it around your shoulders unless you need it around your head) and so her hair is more exposed than originally planned. I did get the area around the well into a little better shape.

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Thursday, July 17, 2003  
Spent the night pulling and ripping fabric to start this. It's a little different now than what's here.

This is a background for a 22" square piece portraying Rachel of the Old Testament -- daughter of Laban, sister of Leah, wife of Jacob, mother of Joseph and Benjamin.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2003  
Tonight I kept up trying to clear the decks for some larger projects that I am itching to get into. Last night I actually put away thread and stuff like that. Tonight I did my July Journal Quilt. My original plan was to change to a white background fabric in June but that didn't happen. I used a pale grey instead. Tonight I did it -- I used a plain white pima cotton for July. Hopefully I can stick with it and do the last two in white also. It's all about the quilting remember! So I'll use colorful threads in at least one of them.

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I'm really grateful for some of the mighty fine webpages I've found along the way. Antipixel is one of those, as exemplified by Jeremy's philosophies of life. One of those postings that make you want to sit down and scribble out your own list of things to do daily.

Many of the sites listed in the blogroll at left are good reads, some are sources of food ideas or photo treats but all have their own take on things and are worth knowing about. Life's too short for links not worth keeping an eye on.

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Monday, July 14, 2003  
What a sort-of productive weekend it was. It started on Friday night with a trip to Petsmart. I bought a cage. A big cage. Granted it is one of those cages (aka dog crates) that fold flat, but I needed help putting it in my cart and then the man took pity on me and put it into my car. At home, I got it out of my car but had to take it out of the box to get it upstairs. And upstairs it was going! I barely got it up there but I did it.

We've been having some cat altercations, mainly involving Boopsie and Sam, with some help from Mo'. On the advice of reading material provided by our vet and out of sheer desperation, we decided to do the crate route.

A little background material first. Boopsie came to us on her own volition but her mother was feral. She's pretty well adapted to life inside, mainly by getting adopted by our head honcho cat Bill. Lately though, Sam has been pestering her, probably just wanting to play. Boopsie's reaction is to run. Sam's reaction is "oh boy, she wants me to chase her!" Boopsie ends up cornered somewhere and won't come out for ANY reason. Considering that she could easily whap Sam upside the head anywhichway from Sunday, that's silly but that's the way things are.

So, new home inside a home for Boopsie and piece de resistance - collars with bells on them for Sam and Mo'. Whatever you might imagine, the cage is actually a great solution for Boopsie, who spent a lot of time in one place anyway. She's got all the comforts of live and none of the annoyances. Plus since she's in the bedroom, Ron and I visit her frequently. If you leave the door open, she still stays inside. She is eating and drinking more and must feel better just for that.

Meanwhile Sam and Mo' are adjusting to life with bells on. It's really true that cats don't much like being belled but the mere act of separating the problem children and belling the playful bullies has resulted in much peace here, just in two days. We hope that Boopsie will choose to come out on her own but in the meantime she's one relaxed cat.

On a quilting front, I finished off one little quilt that's getting fed ex'd tomorrow and which will be on tour for a few years. And I made the extra sleeve for the quilt that is trying to be sold, as well as spending the day doing the paperwork/contract stuff. What a time sink that is!

Now, just enough time to pull some fabrics for the next project.

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