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Saturday, January 29, 2005  
Hurrah for Knowspam!
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Written at: 8:40:37 PM

Friday, January 28, 2005  
The house is surprisingly quiet now that Bill's gone. It might just be the newness of Bill's death or me missing his deep purr and his ability to keep up a conversation, given half a chance. As head cat, one of his jobs was to announce every night around 11 pm that all was well by going up and down stairs giving a pretty good housecat imitation of those deep lion calls. Most people describe this as "yowling" but I always imagined that Bill was saying what the lions say to each other -- I'm here and from what I can see, everything seems to be as good as it can be, so enjoy the evening.

The other cats are not so talk-y, but they are pretty friendly. Deirdre hops up on my lap and follows me around. She likes to pounce on my toes at night. Gus will snuggle for a few minutes but then hops down to pretend that he's not my baby afterall. Nosireebob he's a grown up cat now, a pretty big dude and nobody's baby. Boopsie, well, she's what you might expect. Perhaps a little less social but not bad for a cat with a feral background many years ago. She's carved out her own little routine and she keeps her own counsel except when there's food involved.

Tonight well, it's just plain old cold, and has been for several weeks. The cats all have beautiful fur because the house is relatively cool. Myself I had to don a few layers and some gloves to take out the trash. The snow was crunchy and sparkly. I remember how exciting "special blue wax" snow was in a past life . The birds have emptied the feeder. I wonder where the 20 or so robins are that I saw in the trees on Saturday. Bad weather for birds that eat worms! All is quiet except the crunch of the snow. The moon is full and bright above. It's quiet and I miss the nightly message that all is well and I miss the messenger.

Written at: 1:17:18 AM

Thursday, January 27, 2005  
When I left for work this morning, the car had a couple inches of snow on it. The roads were slicker than you'd expect. There were cars in ditches, cars who had encountered other cars up close and personal and then, my personal favorite, the cars driving along at like 30 miles an hour just because the driver is so afraid it might be slippery that they're not afraid of getting creamed from behind.

Anyway. Tonight I came home and the roads weren't too bad. As I pulled past my driveway to back in, I paused to see how deep the snowplowed pile might be. Gotta gauge how fast to back in so I can get through it, you know!

But what was this? No snowplow pile? How can that be? And what was that down further in the driveway? A little lump of snow. I back my car in easily and get out.

Someone has carefully plowed my driveway back to where I normally shovel it. And shovelled my walk?

Are there snow-shovelling elves?

I don't know but I'm grateful to them and their plow-equipped truck, whoever they are! Many thanks for the good deed sent my way. May all your roads be salted and non-slushy.

Written at: 1:11:56 AM

Monday, January 24, 2005  

Bill the Cat - 1985-2005

Written at: 11:23:38 AM

Sunday, January 23, 2005  
Snow and bitter cold are just other reasons to make bread. And when it comes out like this, well, it's all worth staying inside for.

Myself, I might not come out until I run out of butter.

Written at: 9:34:26 PM

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