This page documents my 9 panels being made during the course of January to September 2003. This project was initiated by Karey Bresenhan for display at the Houston show in November 2003. Each month's quilt is 8.5 by 11 inches and oriented vertically. Under each month is the description that was displayed with the quilts.

To see my 2002 Journal Quilts go here

Chenille and zigzags working with straight stitching. Different shapes and colors, fading to black. Started out as a little “whoops” and looked cool, so I went with it. Used water-soluble stuff to stitch through the opening. My original thought – the quilted circles – remain in the picture at the bottom.


Cross-hatching takes a back seat to the importance of color. And I had a little fun in the empty triangles Started out with the idea of those tumbling squares and it ended up looking like a rococo theater balcony. Can you get a sense of depth using just quilting? Looks like it’s a yes.
What if you add just a little bit of color to your quilting? It’s nice! And you get to fill in some of the larger areas while doing so. Trapunto. White. The fabric for this is the SAME as July. Honest. July has a natural batt and August has a bleached one. I managed to match July’s color on the edges of August by using yellow thread. Honest. Back to September. An experiment in reverse appliqué for a future project and some trials to see the effect of really close stitching. Remember.