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Saturday, April 19, 2003  
Because sometimes, you just need a reminder of what it's all about.
In case you're wondering, the changing list of links at the bottom left reflects block stocks I'm currently holding. Yeah, it's silly, but it's fun.

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Friday, April 18, 2003  
I just had to share this ad that my co-worker Jacob shared with us today. I have enjoyed watching it several times. Sit back and enjoy the cog and then watch it again. thanks Jacob!

Meanwhile, my blogshare experience is now up over $2000. The race is on to make as much cash as possible in the next 12 days because when blogshares goes non-beta only one's cash holdings will remain.

Long long week with many tears and hard moments. We've been trying to be extra nice to the rest of the cats - a cat nip party, some treats, some extra scritches. Last night Gus jumped up on the bed and purred and purred and let me snuggle with him for a few minutes before he left again, still purring. I can say that Maggie's passing made all the other nonsense this week seem pretty small potatoes, which is probably a good thing.

Written at: 10:41:22 PM

Tonight I was more than ready to fast forward a bit to tomorrow, just to say, TGIF!

I did another horizontal seam on the pink and green quilt. 11 more to go.

As I was sewing along tonight, 1.5 inches at a time (match point, sew to that, match seam, sew to that, match point, etc) I thought, it's not obvious if you haven't been doing this a long time so let me share this hint. You know I sewed all my "columns" of little blocks together first. And you may not know that I favor ironing seams open rather than pressing to one side or another. If you do this, be sure to open up your seam allowances ahead of where you're sewing. I normally open up the seams a foot or so ahead of the needle. What I mean by this is to use scissors or seam ripper to break the bit of thread in between the blocks. Why? That way I can put a pin from top to bottom to match whatever I have to match and see what I'm doing. AND you have to cut that thread anyway to iron the seam open. So do it now so it can help you!

Written at: 12:33:49 AM

Wednesday, April 16, 2003  
The weather only adds to my confusion - it was summery this morning. It was early wintery this evening. Did I really hear them mention sleet in the forecast? I'm putting my non-blogshare stock in Spring though -- the daffodils took advantage of the warmth yesterday and today to color up and start popping open into flower. This morning and tonight I noticed that wonderful flush or should I say blush on the hills where the maples are budding out. Welcome spring!

I'm feeling like I'll walk up the stairs and find Maggie waiting for me. Last night as I waited in vain for sleep to come, I thought of all the nights she jumped up on the bed and walked up the length of me and waited patiently until I realized she was there and lifted the quilt for her to snuggle under. She would curl up and lick my hand, purring and purring into the night. She had a most distinctly un-melodic miaow and enjoyed talking with me if I'd miaow back at her. She probably wondered why I didn't actually say something meaningful, but she kept up her end of the conversation regardless. And she had the most wonderful, silky fur imaginable.

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Monday, April 14, 2003  

In Memory -- Maggie


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Sunday, April 13, 2003  
Why should I be shy? Is this thing on?

Go! Go buy shares of my blog! Go NOW!

And for the rest of my gentle readers -- I would love to buy shares of YOUR blogs, but they're not indexed yet. Why? Probably because you haven't put the little blogshare logo on your site yet. C'mon already. I wanna own a piece o'you!

What the heck am I talking about, you're asking? Blogshares. As of right now, I'm 300 virtual dollars to the good. Do you need to have a blog to play? Nope. Just register and you get 500 virtual dollars to invest in MY blog. Yes you do. Now go. You're done here.

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For those who are following the pink and green quilt saga, I've added a link to it in the right column.

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