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Saturday, May 03, 2003  
Very interesting article about the whole blogshare thing. Do I hear federal investigations coming down the line? How about some federal grant money at the least? Oh wait - it's just a game. I know that.

Written at: 3:55:25 PM

A beautiful spring day. What is spring cleaning all about really, but the throwing open of windows to welcome the new season. OK, that and getting the urge to shovel out all the accumulation of winter's junk? That and the need to feel the clean air everywhere. OK, not exactly clean air, but air filled with the many tossings of all the trees and flowers everywhere. Good thing we've had some heavy rains the last couple days to spring clean the air too!

Meanwhile, in my search for new things to look at (and blogs to invest in), I found a great photoblog -- -- which deserves a looking at. And be sure to click the "about" link when you've drunk your fill of the photos!

Written at: 11:44:54 AM

Friday, May 02, 2003  
Long week getting ready for the big event at the Apple Store -- iPods galore! iTunes Music Store! Live DJ! It was worth all the work all week I think. Makes you feel good when everything looks great and goes as planned and people are really excited by the whole thing.

My plans for the weekend? Serious cleaning downstairs and some serious sewing upstairs. Yup. a few more rows of pink and green to do and then it's a top.

Changed my links to my blogshares because I finally realized that the bot doesn't read blogrolls, doh. No links in the code silly! I'm doing pretty well there still in the low priced shares -- I've added about $5000 to my portfolio since May 1st. Not bad at all!

Time for some snoozing now.

Written at: 11:45:04 PM

Wednesday, April 30, 2003  
So I'm waiting for blogshares to come out of beta and go live. waiting. waiting. waiting. I have much I should be doing. Yes I do. And yet, I am drawn to rebuilding my virtual portfolio with the proceeds, all $12,000 dollars of it, from the two weeks I played the beta.

Now, you would think I'd just dig in and do my things that need doing and then feel great about playing guilt-free. Instead I am sitting here dreaming of the big stocks I'll snap up in my first five transactions and then my next 10. and thinking how if I could only roll my virtual blogshares into my iTunes Music Store account.... how sweet that would be.

waiting. waiting. waiting.

Written at: 11:32:06 PM

Monday, April 28, 2003  
I'll confess I was a skeptic about this whole Apple-downloading-music thing. But there was Steve Jobs up there on the big screen today, talking about iPods and iTunes and how ripping off music is all about bad karma. And of course, moments later we had iTunes 4 up and running and were listening to all the 30 second clips of music and stuff.

When you get four people standing in close proximity searching for and playing 30 second bits of music all at once, the results are rather interesting. Some would say, ecclectic even!

So I came home and updated my own 5G iPod and updated my iTunes and voila, I'm searching out my own ecclectic range of music. And what did I download (you knew I would, Steve...)?

  • Let the River Run -- Carly Simon
  • That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be -- Carly Simon
  • Sweet Surrender -- John Denver
  • Lumberjack Song -- Monty Python
Hmmmm Guess I shouldn't have poked fun at Ron for downloading Phil Collins, eh?

Written at: 11:57:09 PM

Sunday, April 27, 2003  
Nice Sunday. Mom and I went to the Delmar quilt show. Walked around looking at quilts, and then we did the vendors (of course we did). I fell in love with a little quilt by Jo Diggs. Simply beautiful.

Came home via the grocery store. I made meatballs and a whole lotta sauce (known as red stuff around here) and baked not only the meatballs but a lot of that yummy chicken italian sausage I'd gotten. That was easy. Much easier than frying. Ron and I had the last of the lasagna tonight.

Then we did a quick photo session to get slides of the new quilt as well as the little Journal quilts. Didn't take long - amazing what the right equipment will get ya besides good slides!

Yesterday I spent the whole day making and sewing on bindings. Whatta deal! I'm actually getting pretty good at sewing on bindings completely by machine.

Written at: 11:40:08 PM

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