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Saturday, August 03, 2002  
The quilting is done, unless I want to fix a few boo boos here and there.

whooo hooo! I hung it up on the wall that's the largest in my room and even though I was lacking a good 6-10 inches in wall, the quilt hangs flat. Phew, what a relief.

Written at: 1:29:44 AM

Friday, August 02, 2002  
I'm listening to a recording of Yo Yo Ma playing Bach Cello Concertos, via my iPod and some new noise-cancelling ear pieces. well, I can't say they're totally noise cancelling, but they sure are noise reducing. I guess the more important thing is that the musical sound is wonderful and because of the reduction of other noise, I can hear things like bowing noises, scratchiness of bow meeting strings, finger action noise sometimes and - Yo Yo himself - breathing. Sometimes rhythmically, sometimes about gasping it seems. Since I've seen film of him playing some of this stuff, I know that playing the cello is no light weight activity. In fact, I'd say it's downright physically demanding.

At first I wondered what some of the sounds were -- and then I closed my eyes for a few minutes and just listened. Suddenly in my head was a wonderful picture of him playing this wonderful solo piece. Go for it Mr. Ma!

Written at: 11:06:29 PM

Wednesday, July 31, 2002  
Bob the Corgi put me on to this, but it sounded like a good challenge. So here's my 100 things about myself.

Written at: 12:39:24 AM

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