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Saturday, July 13, 2002  
Thanks for the comments -- I appreciate it. Nothing like a little outfield chatter to let you know that there are people out there watching and thinking about what you're doing.

Good news today -- my thread arrived via priority mail. Whooo hooo! Go Fabric loft of new england! and thanks! Now I can start serious quilting on my quilt (see below).

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july journal quiltBecause the center portion of this quilt is open, and because for exhibit it might be better to put something behind it (rather than seeing the black sleeve back there) I tried different colors behind the open work: red, green, and black velvet
Journal quilt photos updated here

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Friday, July 12, 2002  
I'm working on my July Journal quilt while waiting for a shipment of threads to arrive from the Fabric Loft of New England I ordered very late last night and it's supposed to be on its way Priority Mail. Last time I ordered from them, it was there literally the next day. Always nice to get that little package with yummy threads. I needed something to go with the light khaki color thread I chose for the top.

I'm pleased with the july journal quilt so far but it's too wet to know how it will be "in real life." Let's just say it involved all my thread clippings from the past week's quilting (pink, pink, pink) and some solvy.

Now -- all you people who are visiting here -- how about leaving a comment for all this free entertainment? yes you! I know you're there because I see you on my counter. Let's hear a little chatter out there.

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Tuesday, July 09, 2002  

I'm quilting! I'm quilting! whooo hoooo! I almost feel like typing -- I'm Fllllllllyyyyying! Feels great, can you tell?

I have about half the ninepatch quilt's center quilted. That's very slow going, trying to created a repetitive pattern, being careful where the patterns meet etc.

I have left that alone for a bit to quilt the sparks of the other quilt. The quilting isn't quite my normal, but I think it's interesting. I'm making good use of the ummm, many spools of pink thread I have acquired.

I was rooting around in my memory for a title for this quilt. It's unusual for me not to have at least a working title, but darned if I could remember anything and there was nothing written down. Mystery solved -- when I went back to find an in progress photo (back to March 31st btw), there it was: Reflection and Echo. Hmmmm Not sure that's more than a working title. Time will tell.

As a special bonus - here's a photo of my Mom's quilt using the Quiltmaker's gift fabrics. HER machine quilting is wonderful and really makes this quilt. All the stars and squiggles you see, especially in the black areas are indeed quilting! Good job Mom!

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