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Friday, March 01, 2002  

Gentle readers, have you been turned away from here yesterday and today around 2 pm? Something at Tripod says my traffic (bandwidth) has been TOO high and they've shut this site down for two hours around 2:15pm both days. I could understand this if I were swimming in traffic, LOL, but alas, we know this not to be true.

So, don't adjust your sets - I've already made inquiries etc etc.....

In the meantime, if you're reading this - do click the bandwidth link above...... the bar chart seems to be missing..... February? How odd.!

Written at: 11:39:31 PM

For frequent visitors, I've added February to my journal quilt page Nice change from doing binding, LOL.

Written at: 1:19:33 AM

Thursday, February 28, 2002  
So I've been working away finishing the binding on my quilt, but meanwhile, I'm drooling over
After all, what's not to like about a pile o' pink fabrics. All different pinks from dark to light, bright to dusty. Ummmm - I'm just not normally a pink person. But something is compelling me to buy pinks. I think it's photos like these. I mean, what's not to like?

On the other hand, I spent one mindless night trying to unravel this mess. Hand dyed, varigated yarn. Pretty and pretty unruly!

Finally, an end of week question for YOU gentle reader. What's on your bulletin board or frequently-looked-at wall or frig space? How about letting us have a peek? Here's mine:

Written at: 10:11:07 PM

Wednesday, February 27, 2002  
Bornfamous quotes an article with Mark Twain's words: 'I'm a very old man. I've had lots of problems. Most of them never happened." That Mark Twain was not only witty, but wise. Then she goes on to talk about facing fear

Who hasn't faced fear? Who hasn't procrastinated and ignored and denied something that needed doing and risked not getting it done. Often when the task, the phone call, the requesting of another is done, it was only a fraction of what our fear described. I often say to myself as I'm dialing - what's the worst that can happen - they can say no. That's not life threatening. It's just a no. And yet it's hard not to put off, push back, ignore, lay aside. To accomplish, you must commit.

As Yoda said "Don't try. Do." OK, so it's a silly source, but good thought. Intent matters. Strong intent accomplishes things both big and small.

Written at: 11:40:48 PM

Monday, February 25, 2002  
Happy Purim!

Written at: 11:24:34 PM

Sunday, February 24, 2002  
Turned my last corner on the big grant quilt. It's now tentatively titled "The View From Here" apropos of the grant itself. Whooo hooo! The end is in sight - one long side to do and then the sleeves to baste down.

Written at: 11:25:43 PM

On a different note about Saturday's adventure: I saw several places where maple sap gathering was taking place. The first place I saw: a grove surrounding a pickup truck. The bed of the truck contained a large white plastic container. Another similar container was on the ground and many many yards of plastic piping fed into more piping that eventually emptied into this container.

Thinking this was a not unpleasing and distinctly New Englander solution to gathering this cash crop, I drove a few more miles before spotting another stand of maples, each decked with a roofed, galvenized pail. While less efficient perhaps in gathering the sap, perhaps it was targetted at the even more important tourist dollar.

Regardless of technique, my impression that the tree tips were reddening while I watched, waiting to burst out in blossoms, was buoyed by the fact that if it's maple sugaring time in the peaks and vales of New England, can Spring really be far off?

Written at: 3:43:01 PM

There's nothing like a day off to make your head and psyche feel better. Having a long "to-do" list, some seriously overdue, makes it even better. Once you close the door on the guilty "I really should do those things" feelings - you're FREE. Free to go do things that are fun, rewarding, refreshing. Free to feel like a real person, doing things that make life worth living and not a slave to the to-do list.

That's how I spent yesterday. I drove to a small place in Massachusetts, through the Berkshires, over winding, steep, sometimes death-defying hairpin curves to get to a small historic village. In one of the village buildings - a dance. We spent the afternoon doing dances from the 17th century. Music was provided by a harpsichord, some recorders, a bunch of violins and a cello, as well as a bodrhan (drum). Dinner at a local restaurant and then back to the building to change and dance a while longer. Then back home, over the winding, curvy and starlit roads. Read a few pages of a book I'd never looked at, even though it was quite late, and then plopped off to bed.

This morning my to-do list is still there, tugging at me to "just do it" but first I'm off for breakfast and some sunshine.

Wheeeeeeee -- free as a bird!

Written at: 11:38:38 AM

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