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Saturday, November 30, 2002  
Why I work a day job.....

click for larger view

Written at: 11/30/2002 06:53:00 PM

Thursday, November 28, 2002  
Well, I personally don't think that it's true that men outnumber women in the world of blogging, but apparently someone at the NYTimes does. (Free registration required.) Oh wait, sorry, it's just that women don't blog about anything "serious" just stuff that's happening to them, while men blog about important stuff like news, opinion and fact. What do you think?

On the other hand, this article in the WSJ seems to be a whole lot more balanced.

Written at: 11/28/2002 12:35:00 PM

Wednesday, November 27, 2002  
How could I dance with another, oooooooooo

when I saw him standing there?

Paul McCartney.

Written at: 11/27/2002 11:04:00 PM

Monday, November 25, 2002  
Quilting 99.9 per cent done, piping and binding and sleeves put on.... now for some hand sewing. Yeah. All in all not a bad night's work last night. Today I sewed a good chunk of the top edge down at lunch - not a bad thing either.

And -- a new CD -- cuz I'm just the hippest, coolest thing around! Stop laughing.

Written at: 11/25/2002 11:53:00 PM

Thursday, November 21, 2002  
95 per cent of the quilting is done now. There are a couple decisions to make but I'm quite pleased with the results!
Here's a detail of the crown and the area above it.

Written at: 11/21/2002 01:19:00 AM

Sunday, November 17, 2002  
I'm quilting. It's fussier quilting than I normally do and I will say that I'm at one with my seam ripper. That's OK, when the choice is mine. Click here for another view.

Written at: 11/17/2002 11:49:00 PM

Wednesday, November 13, 2002  
got everything stitched down this afternoon and got it layered. I used an "on sale" pink peter pan print I've had for awhile. I showed a group of friends tonight and one said - this fabric is SO not you! Well, maybe, but it's a nice enough print and it was definitely on sale. How else can I explain owning so much of it. Great for backs! Anyway, on to quilting! yeah!

Written at: 11/13/2002 08:35:00 PM

Tuesday, November 12, 2002  
I'm almost ready to do the final sewing on the top of my coat of arms. Last night I prepared the motto and tonight I did a bunch of flowers to fill in around the motto. Click here for a larger view. Larger view with flash

Written at: 11/12/2002 12:39:00 AM

Monday, November 11, 2002  
Sit back and enjoy this lovely writing and imagery. Nice photos too.

Written at: 11/11/2002 12:47:00 AM

Sunday, November 10, 2002  
See more of the QuiltArt members' journal quilts here. They're pretty amazing stuff! Thanks Judy Smith from QuiltArt both for the great email list and the gallery view of all this work.

Written at: 11/10/2002 07:39:00 PM

Saturday, November 09, 2002  
For those of you who are on high alert about posting photos of quilts to the web from shows, worrying that items might be made of them without copyright permissions etc - consider the fact that you can take ANY photo, identified by maker or not. taken by film in one's own camera or dragged from a web site and have something made of it. Online or at your local kinkos. In addition, the placement of the maker's name is subject to the accuracy of the page maker. Incorrect spelling or identification and no contact will be possible. With correct spelling and ID? still possibly no way to track down a maker and worst case, no inclination or knowledge about why permission is needed.

I considered taking down my photos, placed here for the very small number of people, mostly friends, who visit here from time to time. I decided not to. If you have problems or concerns about my photos or if you wish to have your quilt ID'd, please email me at webquilts at quiltr dot com.

Personally, I never take offense if someone says they loved one of my quilts or photos and are using it as a desktop image or screensaver. I'm glad they're enjoying it for their own use. And who knows - next time they see one of my quilts at a show, they'll recognize my name and remember my previous quilt they liked.

Written at: 11/09/2002 02:23:00 PM

Wednesday, November 06, 2002  
For photos of our trip to Houston: go here

For an updated page about my journal quilts: go here

Frankly, I'm still pooped from the trip and all the quilt overload. I've spent some time fondling my fabric purchases to soothe my head.

Written at: 11/06/2002 11:26:00 PM

Saturday, November 02, 2002  
Live from Houston! If you want to see the meeting of the tiaras today, go here. A good time was had by all.

Written at: 11/02/2002 11:24:00 PM

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