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Thursday, September 13, 2001  

My husband Ron has gone to NYC. He'll be part of a relief team of the Capital District Urban Search and Rescue Team (Part of the State Emergency Management Agency). He expects to be gone about 48 hours and that he'll be doing search and rubble work at the WTC site. Since he's smaller than many fire/rescue guys and has much climbing/rope experience, he sometimes gets the dubious honor of going into small places - because he'll fit.
For his "day job" Ron is a full time paramedic for the Town of Colonie

Sign seen by the sign company at the corner of Rt 150 and 9 & 20 in Schodack NY.

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Here's a site with incredible views of the WTC taken by someone on their way to work. Amazing shots showing more detail of the heat and impact damage than I had seen previously.

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The basic conflict in our world today is not between nations. It is between two opposing beliefs. The belief that you can overcome evil with more evil, (and, of course, those people are busy multiplying the evil). Now this is the official position of every major nation in the world. This is the war way. And the belief which is my way (and Iím sure it is your way. Iím sure many people can relate to this.) The belief that evil can only be overcome by good. That is the basic conflict in our world today. -- Peace Pilgrim

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Order from Chaos

view of about half the quilt this is draped over another quilt - there's not much space to hang quilts at the moment.

I also made the binding for the winter quilt and Ablaze. About 16 yards worth, total.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2001  
An eye for an eye,
and the whole world
would be blind.

Mahatma Gandhi

For a report from a person close to the scene, click here.

I'm making the binding for two grant quilts while listening/watching to reports on yesterday's sad news. Last evening as I drove down from the adirondacks, the northway was eerily quiet for a long ways (didn't see a car until near Lake George!) and the sky was notable for the lack of contrails. As I neared Albany, the huge new over-highway sign declared that the Albany Airport was closed and all flights cancelled. By then it was dark and the bright yellow letters were shocking against the night.

This morning - it's clear here, few clouds, still no commercial planes, although a few large planes presumably military have been going over since around 3:30 AM.

I spent the day yesterday with family and friends and their family and as we travelled around the lake where my parents live each summer, I think each of us wondered at the beauty and wondered - does it look different now, a few hours after the world changed? Can terrorism change our view of the world? I believe it should instead change how we act towards others. We are all people who live in the same world. We all have families and friends and we should all be enjoying them and the nearest horizon and sky without worry or anger. These are the treasures we can hold in our hearts.

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I've been gone for a few days, up to visit my folks at Brant Lake and think some things over. It's good to get away but much of that new calmness was blown away by Tuesday's terrorist attacks in the US.

Up until then my Mom and I spent some quality time bonding with each other and our sewing machines. In the evenings we fished on the beautiful lake and enjoyed the peace.

Here's what I worked on:

Order from Chaos

on the way home, I saw a large sign at the corner of rts 9/20 and 150 that said "Terrorists are Cowards"

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