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Wednesday, August 09, 2006  

New photos and some odds and ends

I've updated the page o'postcards to show all of this first batch. Enjoy!

One of my online buds is pulling the plug on her QA addiction/obsession/time-wasting and I wish I would do the same.

How many ads where buildings come crashing down into the street below do I have to complain about? These will NOT make me buy your product, no matter what the product is. Um - that's just so wrong an idea for an ad... Do I need to explain why?

Hope all you "No I'll NEVER have a mac with an intel processor" people are out there rummaging up your last mac from the remaining stores of G4's and G5's. Got to play with the first new Mac Pro to arrive in the store today. Oh my - that was creating a lot of lust in all of us, myself included. Oh my. It's just beautiful. Beautiful. And did I mention fast?

Many thanks to the two guys from my Tripod days who showed up at my workplace today - was great seeing both and gave me a lot of hugs and ok, flashbacks. Gongs, my first sighting of a powermac G4 (when they were tres new and so exciting!), finding ways to explain the 'net in English, plain English... all that free coffee and Fresca, catered lunches, massages. What's not to like about dot com flashbacks?

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