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Saturday, July 29, 2006  

Can you tell my camera is back? And that the heat has broken a bit?

Work in Progress, July 2006

Here's the view as it was hanging in my sewing room.

Written at: 6:06:00 PM

The two kinds of people who exist in this world [at any one time] are the decent and the indecent. Color, religion and nationality are irrelevant. Kindness, decency and behavior are what matters most. Our collective challenge, it seems, is to create a city and community where decent people of all races, ethnicities and religions can look into the faces of other decent people and see only one thing -- God's image smiling back -- Rabbi Micah Greenstein
Last night I watched the new Bill Moyers series. This one had Martin Amis and Margaret Atwood as guests. I was interested in hearing Margaret Atwood talking about faith and myths and she did not disappoint. Martin Amis succeeded in driving home to me just how confusing living in the world is today, but did present an interesting take on how today's terrorism fits into history and current events, and how people are drawn into it. I was still left confused and bewildered by a world that can hold such a thing. You can go and listen for yourself.

Written at: 3:24:00 PM


berries galore!

Joy to the person who can pick these in one foray to the backyard! Woe to those who don't get to grab a handful now and again.

daylilies r us

Berries and lilies both enjoy a bit of shade.

brothers forever

Even when it's hot, there's always time for a good wrassle. Archie and 'Rasmus.

Written at: 2:47:00 PM

Wednesday, July 26, 2006  

Warez MB?

I've spent some time the last few nights learning about WordPress, a different way to do blogs and pages. Last night I was aglow with geekiness for awhile, importing, styling, using mySQL to categorize some links and setting up a stat service on my server hosted wordpress page. Go here to see where that's at.

On the gardening side of things, I measured 2 inches of rain in two and a half hours one day this weekend and well, that basically flattened out my little lettuce patch. Last night I stopped at a local garden center and they luckily still had some seeds and better yet, they were on sale. I got enough to replant now and replant even later. Came home, hoed up the broken down little plants and reseeded, all the while muttering about whatever it is that keeps chowing down on the beans. I soothed myself with some big ol' blackberries.

I did a little more piecing on my new project - going pretty well. I just need some blocks of time with reasonable temperatures and not being so tired at night. Funny how that works.

Written at: 1:57:00 PM

Tuesday, July 25, 2006  

Sometimes a little mistake can be a good thing.

I sewed the first horizontal seam of my new quilt. Went pretty quickly and looked pretty accurate - all good.

Then I looked at the time and thought, ok, I could sew one more seam before calling it a night. I sewed the next seam. Remember - this is my life, an inch and a half at a time. My modus is to snip about a foot of seamline (the little connecting threads between the two rows), match and pin the intersections, sew, unpinning as I go. Repeat.

I stop to admire the three rows sewn together with the two rows. Whoopsie - there's an unsewn seam in there between two pairs of rows sewn together. Ummmmm... OK, I can fix that easily. Not really a problem needing fixing, but my little "error" got me four seams sewn together because I just had to sew that one seam that was flapping in the breeze. So far so good and it's looking pretty darn good to me. I love when the squares become squares again.

Now off to bed with me.

Written at: 12:59:00 AM

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