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Saturday, December 31, 2005  

Happy New Year!

Much to be grateful for this year, and I wish each of you good times, good health, good people to love and beautiful skys overhead in the coming year.

Had to take a break from my work tonight to show you that all is well with the world in my little corner. This means that yes, my spice cupboard is all spit-spot once again. Actually the whole thing is looking pretty darn good.

Then there's the quilting stuff, now that my yearly cleanup is done.

Earlier tonight.

A lot more progress.


Now back to work!

Written at: 11:32:00 PM


Thanks to Pops over at for this fascinating list of things we didn't know this time last year.

Oh those Brits. It's not clear from the two articles whether the Queen actually does use a computer or not but it's still a point of interest. Obviously there's no blackberry in that big handbag!

THIS future Queen of Canada and other things of course has been on the 'net since the time of Mosaic. Just pre-Netscape! eeeks. Seems like forever.

Written at: 8:55:00 AM

Friday, December 30, 2005  

Simple pleasures

So is there any better dinner than this: a bit of cheddar, some simple saltines, a glob of cream cheese, some tomato/onion/spicy relish to top the cream cheese with, some green and greek olives and a pear that is meltingly ripe. A ripe pear with that sweet, gushing liquidness followed by the crunchy grit of the skin and pear stone cells. Ooops did I say that out loud? You know what I mean. Sweet, liquid, grit. Tang and spice. Salt and sweet. And a nice glass of red.

Ready for the new year? Need a good read to fire up the ol' brain cells? This has mine working overtime. To enjoy the work of the author, go here.

Written at: 9:57:00 PM

Sunday, December 25, 2005  

Monkey bowl, Monkey bowl...

I know you've been hanging around today waiting for the sign that this year's present report has been posted. Well, your wait is over!

You have to admit that there's nothing quite like either one of these things. Mine is a big bobble head. No, really - a bobble head. Which of course adds to the whole effect. And those shoes! The tail is spring-loaded too.

In a moment of inspiration, I packed Mike's present with a whole lotta walnuts and don't you know -- that thing really did a great job. Andy was our chief walnut provider.

Thus endeth another year with some great presents and just a wonderful day with family. Oh yeah, and then there was the bag of hawaiian and other shirts. A tale for another day.

Written at: 9:47:00 PM

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