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Saturday, September 10, 2005  

Below I suggested you do what you can -- one of the things you can do is mention the ArtDoingGood on your website and the fundraiser for the Red Cross Katrina efforts that are going on there. It's a great way to support a huge effort and to enjoy some wonderful art as well.

Many thanks!

If you want to "steal" a logo to use, go here.

Written at: 3:05:00 PM

Wednesday, September 07, 2005  


Go here:


and see the wonderful artwork that was donated by members of the QuiltArt mailing list. All proceeds benefit the American Red Cross for the Katrina efforts.

Many thanks to the instigator Laura Cater-Woods and the other workers, June Underwood, Cathy Arnett and Carol Myers. For some of us in this project, the work is mostly done (that would be me and June although more will be coming) and for others the work is only beginning (Cathy and Carol) -- but the Gulf disaster is overwhelming and ongoing.

Do what you can, in whatever way you can.

Written at: 11:32:00 AM

OK, I don't even really know that this is 100% fact although I have some faith in, where I found this:
FEMA relief services Windows-only
Hurricane survivors using Mac and Linux computers have been unable to use Federal disaster relief claim services online, reports Macworld UK. The service, created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), only works with Windows and Internet Explorer 6. It is unclear if there is a reason the FEMA site blocks non-Internet Explorer browsers. Some Mac users have managed to gain access to the site using Opera -- which can identify itself as Internet Explorer 6 -- without problems. Ars Technica claims many relief workers have been forced to spend precious aid money on Windows OS licenses as they set up terminals to help hurricane victims initiate the claims process. The controversy is the latest in an ongoing struggle with FEMA, which has been criticized for not doing enough following the disaster
Yeah, that about sums it up for me. Total losers. We need to realize that WE'RE the ones in charge here and take back the power, and subsequently, the money.

Written at: 11:27:00 AM

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