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Saturday, July 02, 2005  
Sweet Rewards of Summer

Ah, the rewards of summer. My treat after mowing the back yard was a generous handful of wild raspberries. Nothing like them: nature's combination of sun-warm and shadow-cold, sweet wash with tart kicker.

And you know they're just for you because they fall into your open palm with no coaxing. Take me. This is for you, because you got here before the birds or the deer or the bear. Good for you. Have some more. It's summer and someone has to eat these.

Written at: 11:27:00 AM

Thursday, June 30, 2005  
Hey, you're thinking, where the heck is Mary Beth? Well I'm here, sweltering along with the rest of upstate NY. Laying low. Being glad I don't have a little fur coat to wear 24/7. One night I spent the whole night sweating, both literally and figuratively, over my two entry forms for the IQA show in Houston. Who knew I could lay my hands on my IQA membership card at 2 AM?

I was really pleased with how the slides came out and as an extra bonus, I get to enjoy the one quilt until I take down the whole photo set up. I figured, why take it down until I was sure I wouldn't need it again in a hurry?

I worked on a couple blocks as a possible future idea but decided I was severely uninterested in making a lot more of them. Ooops!

Last night I was a total slug and watched a lot of Julia Child and friends after Fortune put me on to the videos available of past shows. There's a lot to be said for watching someone handle dough rather than trying to figure it out from the printed word.

Written at: 10:14:00 PM

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