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Wednesday, November 03, 2004  
Happy Anniversary
Mom and Dad!

53 years of True Love and Marriage.
Love ya both

Written at: 2:25:34 PM

Election 2004

In this very small community (in the hundreds of voters), at 7 AM this morning I was voter number 48. An hour into voting and 47 people and myself had made it into vote. That's pretty darn amazing in my book. Even if I don't like the outcome (too early to tell yet), I do like hearing about high voter turnout across the country. One place was reported to have 85% of eligible voters voting. So, no matter the outcome, I'm holding onto this idea that perhaps people can learn to take personal action. Now to educate them.

Now a note to local political party organizers in my area: I wanted to vote against incumbents. But you have to give me someone to vote FOR so I can vote AGAINST the incumbent. I don't even care if you spend money on their campaign or how much. Just give me a reasonable person for me to hang my vote on. Each year that there is no challenger, guess what -- you LOSE!

I'm moving this up from comments because I don't want anybody to miss it. Please leave your own comment below. Naomi wrote:

In the grim light of 12 hours later, all I can do is quote the words of the immortal Ed Koch, on the occasion of his primary defeat:
"The people have spoken, and now they must be punished."
Yeah, what she said...

Written at: 1:04:08 AM

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