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Tuesday, August 17, 2004  
Guess who's coming to dinner?

That would be Boopsie, aka "the invisible cat." She's having a second nosh from a bowl at the bottom of the stairs. Yes - the invisible cat has landed downstairs! Guess food is a powerful motivator, but I didn't think she'd come downstairs as quickly as she has and of her own free will. First it was in the hall. Then to the bathroom. Tonight she followed me downstairs when she saw I had the food container in my hand. She waited at the bottom step and so I brought the food bowl to her. We're getting closer to the kitchen for sure.

And all this despite me giving her a totally-surprise bath on Saturday. Yup - in the sink she went and got the full beauty treatment. Now she's all fluffy and sweet-smelling to boot, and she's a whole lot more visible! Go Boopsie!

Written at: 10:58:15 PM

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