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Saturday, July 31, 2004  
Quite a number of years ago, I was given a cuckoo clock. I found it a few months ago, and last night I hung it up and gave the pendulum a push. It worked! The poor little cuckoo has no idea what time it is, or perhaps he's so happy at being alive again that he just doesn't want to stop singing. This clock has a cuckoo, a dancing couple and a mill wheel, over which water "flows." The hour is reached, the cuckoo and chime announce the time, a music box plays a tune while the couple dance and the water flows.

I guess I didn't expect anything to work. Fact is that it's keeping very good time but I had to latch the cuckoo's door until I can figure out how to synchronize him again.

In other news, George over at Brewed Fresh Daily quoted my comments about geeks. He's absolutely right about the terminology. What I think of and call geeks are rightly called "hackers"
Contrary to the popular press, a hacker is not a person who breaks into other people's computer systems. That is a cracker. A hacker could be said to be a consummate programmer, someone who has earned the respect of his fellows by programming well or coming up with an elegant way of programming a computer to do a certain job. For programmers, being a hacker is a great honor, and it can only be bestowed upon you by another hacker. Crackers are also often hackers, but their intent and nefarious activities put them into a different category. ( or go here for more definitions.
Geeks are more properly described this way:
Someone who knows a lot about computers and very little about anything else. See also nerd.
So I hereby promise to call a hacker a hacker and a geek a geek henceforth. But everything I said about liking the real hackers I've known - totally true. And if they're mostly geek-like - that's ok with me too. Go here to learn more about hackers

Written at: 11:15:33 AM

Thursday, July 29, 2004  
spam spam spam spam
spam spam spam spam
lovely spam, wonderful spam

Sometimes spam is just too funny not to pass along. So now for your reading pleasure, I reveal to you that apparently I have my own support team. I wonder who's paying them?

Subject: status
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 15:56:42 -0500
X-Priority: 3

Dear user,

Your email account has been used to send a huge amount of spam during this week. Probably, your computer was infected by a recent virus and now runs a hidden proxy server.

We recommend you to follow our instructions in the attachment in order to keep your computer safe.

Best wishes, user support team.

Hello - anyone home in my support team? Have I mentioned? I have a MAC!?????Of course the file they sent me..... was.....wait for it......a WINDOWS virus. Heads are gonna roll in the support team, I tell you.

Written at: 7:33:34 PM

Slow but sure...

And that's about what it is slow. And sure. Another view. I purposely included an unquilted square in the first view so you can see the difference the quilting makes. Sometimes it's hard to start quilting but you have to know that the new version, the quilted version will be a good thing! (here's the earlier shot of the whole top.)

Written at: 1:25:12 AM

A little hope is always a good thing
When you wake up and you're sitting at the kitchen table with your kids, and you're talking about the great possibilities in America, your kids should know that John and I believe, to our core, that tomorrow can be better than today.

Like all of us, I have learned a lot of lessons in my life.

Two of the most important are that, first, there will always be heartache and struggle; we can't make it go away. But the second is that people of good and strong will can make a difference.

One is a sad lesson, and the other is inspiring.

We are Americans and we choose to be inspired. We choose hope over despair, possibilities over problems, optimism over cynicism. We choose to do what's right even when those around us say, "You can't do that," we choose to be inspired, because we know that we can do better, because this is America where everything is still possible.

John Edwards, 7/28/04

Written at: 12:47:50 AM

Monday, July 26, 2004  
holy moly where does the time go?

I have no idea but it ticks away whether you're being busy or goofing off, just the same.

I am still here and definitely more on the busy side of things. I have an "urge to purge" and I'm trying to keep that feeling alive for as long as possible. I'm doing some cleaning, some rearranging, so revamping. Even a little quilting thrown in there - I'm quilting on my blue and yellow quilt and mmmmm mmmm it's just lookin' fine.

The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and the cats are doing whatever it is cats do.

It's all good.

Written at: 9:02:35 PM

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