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Wednesday, June 23, 2004  
If you want to see how fabulous my mom's purple clematis is doing - go here. I can tell you that even her white double clematis is doing beautifully. Only goes to prove that whole "she could grow tin cans" thing I heard about her....

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004  
May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness,
May all be free from sorrow and the causes of sorrow;
May all beings never be separated from the sacred happiness, which is sorrowless.
What a lovely sentiment. Thanks to Brewed Fresh Daily for bringing it to my attention.

Written at: 4:44:39 PM

Sunday, June 20, 2004  
For those of you who wonder about this, and because I wonder about this too sometimes, here's the first post I could find on the "red sky red sky" quilt. So - it all started sometime in late October. I do sort of remember going to part of a work day at East Side and cutting many many strips. And that it was about the time I had my disastrous encounter with the "variable lens" glasses. ick. But look, it all came to a good end -- bifocals and this wonderful quilt. All good.

And because I do keep records in a paper journal as well, I went to note there the completion of quilting. There was not (me bad) a note of the date of the first notes on this quilt. However it was sandwiched between some others. In front of it the blue and yellow quilt that is next up to be quilted, called "Count to Fifty." The one directly after it, the quilt mentioned below, "Life's Memories." I guess it was a pretty productive autumn in 2003. Except that there's a follow up idea to Count to Fifty that is dated 3/03. So all this really started around the beginning of the year. Paper notes are a good thing.

Written at: 8:54:07 PM

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