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Friday, May 28, 2004  
Besides "Red Sky Red Sky", the quilt-in-progress shown below, I'm also working on a new quilt that is blue and yellow (yeah I know what a surprise) and today we took official photos of the quilt my Mother and I made. Amazing what a little flurry of activity can get ya. (totally jazzed to do more is what it really gets ya!) All I know is that all my clothes are covered with bits of thread.

Written at: 9:51:19 PM

Thursday, May 27, 2004  
Red Sky Red Sky

Sneak preview of one of my in-progress quilts.

Just a quick digital shot. It's really too big to hang and photo in my space and too big for the flash on the camera, but there you go.

Written at: 11:31:18 PM

Wednesday, May 26, 2004  
What an exciting week. First off, the days off and spending them with my friends from East Side Quilters was very exciting and rejeuvenating. I got so much done - much of it tedious. As I told a few people, the quilts I'm currently doing can only be described as "My Life, an inch and a half at a time" What WAS I thinking?

Anyway my Mom worked very hard on our mother-daughter quilt, finishing the binding, the sleeve and finishing off all the threads she could find. When I got home, I finished the last bits of quilting and the resulting threads and except for the label, it's done. Definitely ready for official photos. I also finished one of the tops I was working on over the weekend.

It is SUCH a joy to see something come together - so very energizing all on its own. And let me tell you I am so mesmerized by what I'm working on, sometimes I hate to go to my day job and leave the quilt-in-progress at home.

Since I'm done with that one, I have a lot of ironing of seams to do on my other big project aka "Red Sky Red Sky" - many many seams.

I'm currently reading "The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It For Life" by Twyla Tharp. All I can say is totally WOW. Read it no matter your creative interest. I'll be re-reading it for a long time.

Written at: 9:49:01 PM

Sunday, May 23, 2004  
What I did this weekend. Be prepared to be overwhelmingly jealous.

Written at: 10:10:26 PM

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