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Monday, December 15, 2003  
Support Anti-Spam Workers and Legislation!

This just in from the folks at KnowSpam who have prevented a whopping 7500 bogus emails from reaching my inbox. (From the messages of others, that's a real drop in the bucket, but it's a pleasure to me!). Anyway, in a note about something else, they report

60% of spam comes from just 250 domains (90% of which have never sent a valid piece of email to knowspam).
Read that a few times and when you wrap your mind about the multitudes of emails which bog down systems and steal time and resources from all of us - when you understand it - know that DOING something about it is well within the realm of possibility. It's not tens of thousands of twerps out there (although they are out there). It's not coming from mostly legitimate ISP/email services (although some does). It's from domains that exist purely for the purpose of sending Unsolicited Email.

Tell your legislators and whoever else that will listen that something CAN be done about this irksome problem which costs us all money and time and which assaults us daily!

Written at: 11:41:28 PM

Sunday, December 14, 2003  
Since all the cats have found heating grates and warm snuggy places to hibernate in, I've switched the web cam to have a view outside to show you the current snow. It will be dark in a few hours, but until then if you're without snow of your own, you can have some virtually. Click the web cam image at top left.

Written at: 2:16:01 PM

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