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Saturday, November 01, 2003  

Is it possible to have too many blues? No. Reds? Not really.

Written at: 11:52:51 PM

Friday, October 31, 2003  
The end of another week. Today started with a doctor appointment (ooooh new drugs and they come in a purple container - ooooooh) and then some fabric shopping (yes, I really really need more blues, as long as they are MEDIUM value blues, oh and maybe some of these three lucious reds and a these two wonderful greens, ok. Any maybe this grey.) And then work of course.

And now for some very sad observations about Halloween and the state of our culture. Isn't it incredibly sad that people aren't part of a community or neighborhood enough to bring their kids trick or treating in their own area? That they have to come to an outrageously loud, Radio-Disney blasting event at a huge regional shopping mall where tired little kids go in and out of stores and up to mall-peopled tables to receive candies in their little goodie bags which tout the latest Disney movie?

No kidding. No walking around in the dark, later than is normal for you to be awake let alone outside. No seeing other trick or treaters appear from behind a neighbors bush on their way back from getting a hershey bar. No. Just the same old thing of walking around the mall with your parents. Getting your little eardrums blasted by grownups howling into microphones trying to get you up on stage with your age group to judge costumes or trying to get you sing Y-M-C-A. yeah.

How very very sad. How did we lose our sense of neighbors or what Halloween is all about? So the kids grow up and don't know the neighbors either, except as potentially bad, evil people. That's not sad, that's scarey.

Written at: 11:04:24 PM

Tuesday, October 28, 2003  
There is nothing - nothing - like starting a new work. Nothing.

You would think that every little step would be an annoyance. Just let me get to the real "meat" of the thing.


Each little step is a part of the process. Each piece of fabric pulled from the shelf, shown against the others and returned or placed on the ironing board. Another. Another. Refolded. Unfolded. Ironed. Refolded. End trimmed. Sliced. Stacked. Repeat. No not this fabric. Yes that one. How many? Make a note about that for later.

All those things are part of the whole. There is no step that is unimportant or worth skipping over.

Some of the steps have been brewing awhile. While I remain open to direction and change all the way through, the major thoughts have been thought and it's time for action. There is no feeling of indecision or worry. No wonder about what will happen. I know what will happen.

I will make something. It's in my head now. There are scratchy sketches and notes about it in my books, but most of it exists in my minds eye and now it's time to show the world. But first the process of creation.

Written at: 9:54:47 PM

Sunday, October 26, 2003  
Hope the removal of a small java script makes this viewable to my folks. Wave at my folks, everyone!

Hey Mac heads - Panther is, as I said before, pretty darn cool. Expose rocks. I don't much have a purpose for multi-usering but the other stuff is way nice. Threaded messages in Mail is icing on the cake.

Do Windows users sit back in wonder at the power boost each OS update brings?

I think not. I think not.

Written at: 7:59:05 PM

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