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Monday, September 22, 2003  
I'm here to tell you that I spent 2 quality hours with Moveable Type on Saturday. oh wait, first a
I do not know anything about scripting languages or writing scripts.
I am neither a geek nor a web designer, nor have I played one on TV.
Ok, where was I? Oh yeah. I started at the beginning and followed along, step by step. When it told me to run some CGI something to see if everything was there and ready for the next step I did. When it reported back that all was well, I moved on. Finally, the big thing - log in. I knew I was in trouble because there was no graphic showing on the log in screen, but I tried anyway. I even knew what the problem was, but how to fix? Rewind, rewind a ways through the instructions and find the one thing (so far anyway) that I missed and BANG - there it was the user interface. AND, it worked. Sort of. I have, safely out of public view, one of the butt ugliest MT homepages ever seen. But it's there and it works. So I went out and bought a book on CSS and well honey, it's back to the days of writing those first html things. eeeks.

What have I learned so far? Just put down the table code and walk away. Hey, I just got the book yesterday!

As a break, I started writing a presentation in Keynote tonight.

Written at: 11:16:35 PM

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