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Friday, September 05, 2003  
Another night, another interesting sky. This is the most interesting example of "alpen glow" I've seen in the sky in recent memory. Some of these cloud forms were in the north or east of where the sun was low in the sky. All were relatively close to me rather than to the sun's horizon where all was a beautiful wash of medium yellow.

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Thursday, September 04, 2003  
or.... why you need to have your camera with you at all times

Next photo. And the last photo.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2003  
cool blocksAt East Side Quilters tonight, Pat led us in making these cool slashed blocks. Sue and I worked together, each of us making 6 blocks. They turned out to be different sizes of course but we cut them so we'll be able to make a nice size quilt from them. Good use of fabric and lots of fun.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2003  
The NY Times has an interesting audio/video piece about the use of names of victims in memorials. (Requires a free registration) If you can't get to it with the previous link, go here for the full article "Finding Comfort in the Safety of Names"and related links.

I'll be taking September 11th off from work again this year. Two years ago, I was semi-employed, having accepted a job with Apple but not starting it until the 17th. Last year, I could not imagine working in the mall that day so I took it off. This year, I'll be off, probably attending a memorial service in the morning and taking part in a day-long photoblog. A group of us hope to capture what our day is like. The person who floated this idea out said:

I've been thinking about September 11th. I've been thinking about the United States response - The Patriot Act. Invading Afghanistan & Iraq. Death. Fear. Oppression.

It seems to me that this is NOT the America I want the world to know. So I propose a blogwide Photoblog your Life day on September 11th. Take your camera with you. Take pictures. Show the world your life. Show the world your daily delights. Show the world that we choose life, happiness and freedom.

On September 11th, I'll be carrying my camera with me. I'll snap pictures of my day - the good, the bad, the mundane. And I'm gonna post them here for the world to see. Let's make September 11th a day of affirmation and life.

Got a blog? Show us your life on September 11th.

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Sunday, August 31, 2003  
Different sorts of travelers

Care to go on a virtual jaunt to Patagonia? Love a good tango? Go here for a treat! Although I'm not usually a fancier of musical web pages, this just hit the spot with me. There's a link at the bottom of the page so you can turn it off, if it's not to your taste. Very thoughtful.

Link courtesy of the newly bloomed Traveling in Style, with your host "Suzette" -- check them both out.

On a totally different virtual travelling note, I was checking out Rick Steve's Europe Through the Backdoor Tours (as seen originally on PBS and in hardcover I believe). Now you can pay Rick and his hearties to guide you around Europe and Scandinavia and see the "best of" the countries of your choice. Probably not my choice of travelling styles, but if your dream is to make comments like

"I can't imagine cramming anymore into any day. So I think that our time was used at optimum efficiency."


"appreciated the attention given to bathroom breaks. Very thoughtful!"

then Rick's is for you!

Myself I think I'll stick with the Dave! :-)

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