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Friday, August 29, 2003  
While I have your attention:

Pushing 800 spams since the third of August 2003. Not bad, not bad at all.

Go give them your $19.95 and get your email back. I am stunned at the small quantity of mail that my Eudora filters are dealing with. My trash folder is surprisingly empty, where before the filters dumped all the weird spam, virus-laden email etc etc into it. My dedicated spam folder is empty except for the occasional mailing list mail with "FREE" in the subject line. Holy cow. Thanks knowspam.

And for the record, no one has complained about needing to prove that they're human. My mother knew to let me know that she was having someone less experienced at such things send me an email so I could watch for it. It's all good.

Written at: 4:49:46 PM

Alternative blog posts

1. The huge influx of comments to this site has taken down poor YACCS, rendering commenting impossible.

2. The heck with you anyway, now you can't make comments.

3. PS -- For those of you loyal readers who do make regular comments, please forgive my little tantrum here. I love you all.

Written at: 3:50:35 PM

Thursday, August 28, 2003  
tap tap tap

Is this thing on? Am I scaring you with too many posts in one day? Is the content too wide ranging and scary? Is my quilt horrific beyond words? Or are you just too lazy to leave a comment? Makes me wonder why I even bother sometimes. yes it does. And don't think I don't know that you've been here because my counter has been whirring away today. yes it has. Helllllllloooooooooooo. Leave a comment already.

Written at: 11:35:46 PM

front and back view
The center of the pink and green quilt is quilted. whew. And it's cooler so I want to get a lot more done tonight.

Front View

Back View

Written at: 4:42:18 PM

Isn't this what you want in a convenience store?
Our Core Purpose...
To Simplify
Our Customers
Daily Lives

Our Core Values...

Value People
Delight Customers
Embrace Change
Do the Right Thing
Do Things Right
Passion for Winning

Written at: 10:50:53 AM

My friend Pat made this wonderful camp shirt out of some pretty campy fabric from Ann's Pincushion in Vermont.

Written at: 12:55:18 AM

Wednesday, August 27, 2003  
there it was!

Came out of my meeting tonight and turned homeward and there it was. At first, it was the only thing visible in an sky slightly skimmed with clouds. So you knew it was bright, since no other stars were visible. As I got closer to home the sky cleared and the stars shone, but pale in comparison to our neighbor -- Mars! What a view. Even to the naked eye, its red color was plain.

Go outside now!

Written at: 10:04:43 PM

It's not often I comment on current events of the CNN-sort, but this is pretty scary stuff, even discounting for the notable inaccuracy of most media. I mean, really.

It was a statue people. A statue put up in the wrong place by a man who should know better, no matter what his personal religious beliefs are. A bad idea at best.

Another organizer, Christian Defense Coalition director Pat Mahoney, said supporters were "disappointed, but not discouraged."
"We don't view this as a defeat at all," Mahoney said. "We're still calling people to come to Montgomery to take a look at where the Ten Commandments once stood."
It was a freaking statue, probably created by some tombstone-making company. Not the slabs given down to Moses.

Written at: 1:28:32 PM

Look up grasshopper!

Tonight's the night and if it's not cloudy, no excuses. Go outside and look up and see something worth seeing! Want more info?

Written at: 11:28:16 AM

On one front: KnowSpam has blocked about 600 emails for me in about 3 weeks. I think the overall amount of spam has dropped, which isn't a bad thing at all. I am still checking the list of held mail from time to time but it's basically running on automatic.

On another front: I've started quilting the pink and green quilt. I know that the pre-quilting procrastination thing is pretty predictable but it really was ok to start this. I'm glad I took the time to try out some threads. I am going to try hard to resist the hand-dyed threads in the future. They're probably great for embroidery etc but for quilting they seem too heavy, making it too hard to find a good tension. Luckily I didn't have to wait long for plan B to arrive and now I've got about half the center quilted.

Errands: Given that my week of vacation is underway, I think I should have a dedicated servant to run errands and get my car inspected. It would be nice if the same person would also heat up my dinner for me. Tomorrow night dinner is out. The night after that - pasta with bolognese sauce. OK, back to quilting. Will take photos later.

Written at: 12:27:52 AM

Tuesday, August 26, 2003  
In honor of the ending of the Julie/Julia Project, I cooked myself the all-American summer dinner: Big hamburger with sauteed onions, fresh tomato wedges with a garnish of black pepper and hellman's, BaTampte half-sour pickle and fresh corn on the cob.

Remember the great quote from by Garrison Keillor: "People have tried and tried, but sex is not better than sweet corn." I need say no more.

Written at: 4:16:29 PM

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