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Friday, August 15, 2003  
This gets my vote for best photo of the day.

Written at: 7:14:03 PM

When the power went out yesterday (bzzt on off on off on off bzzztt zip zip off) we quickly learned, by looking at the laptops that this wasn't just a local problem. Ah the power of the 'net. I was off at 5 so I hit some slow going but having a state trooper car in our pack probably made for more civil driving. Once I got past exit 5 of I-90 it was pretty smooth going. The main problem earlier was jam ups on the off ramps as people waited, having no traffic lights to organize the flow.

When I got home, I organized my recently restocked batteries and made sure I knew where the matches were. I gave the cats their meds before it was too dark to see. I even enjoyed a dinner a fresca albeit with mosquitoes. The power came on for just a few minutes after dark and I ran around turning things off because the noises coming from the frig made it clear it wasn't full power.

I think the power came back around 3 am, although I'll confess I was pretty much asleep. Ron got up and turned some lights off or something.

Since I've been home today it's been pretty much business as usual except for being ready for rolling blackouts as they turn on power to other areas. So far none have happened.

Written at: 7:10:35 PM

Monday, August 11, 2003  

Despite the brutal heat, I finished all but a few tweaks on the quilt of Rachel. I'll probably do a little fine tuning, but it's mostly done. Click above for a full view, and here's a detail.

Written at: 12:28:26 AM

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