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Monday, August 04, 2003  
Link via a post to QuiltArt: Gotta love this new quilt from Ruth McDowell. I don't know how you could mistake her work for anyone else's no matter the topic. Nice!

Written at: 10:12:02 PM

Update on KnowSpam: First off, I just had an email from them wondering if I was still nervous (see below, which he had read! Yes you read that right -- he read my web site) and did I have any questions etc. Now THAT's service!

The answer from me? Nope - apparently my assessment that it was just an incredibly slow email Sunday was correct. Sunday night mail started picking up and today things are getting towards normal numbers. I noticed some quite old emails arriving, so I'm thinking that there was a slowdown on the bigger 'net somewhere during that time frame.

No one I know has had any problems contacting me and I've added a few people/lists/services as their emails turn up in the held mail category. I like that I get an email every four hours along the lines of: 'you have some new held mail (or new unknown recipients) - here's the sender's email and the subject line in case you need to accept the email.'

Gives me a lot of control in a reasonable way and with a very nice interface. If I go to the held mail page it lists the same info -- date/time/sender/subject -- and I can accept or decline each one or use check boxes and decline the checked emails. How cool and easy is that?

So I fired back an email right away - nope, I'm not nervous anymore. And where do I go to sign up for a year?

Written at: 9:20:21 PM

OK I'm a little nervous.

I turned on knowspam last night. It is an anti-spam service that seems pretty cool and came recommended. Two week free trial period even. So I set it up. You can enter email lists and individuals as known good senders and email lists. You can also designate domain names as OK. Basically, if an incoming email doesn't fall into one of those categories, knowspam sends them an email saying "please prove that you're a human by clicking the link in this email and answering a question on the resulting page." What they have to do is copy four numbers into a box. Once they've done that they're on your "good sender" list. If it's a bot-generated email, there won't be anyone home to reply so they get deleted.

So, why am I nervous? I don't seem to be getting much mail AND I don't seem to be getting much feedback that there is a lot of spam getting stopped. Hmmmmm. Maybe Sunday isn't the day to start spam fighting measures? We'll see.

Written at: 12:07:24 AM

Sunday, August 03, 2003  
What sort of fool spends her day off sweltering and shpritzing in the kitchen in pursuit of baked chicken, remoulade and pasta salad in vast quantities????

Maybe the heat was affecting me before I went into the kitchen. Now we're having a gentle steady rain and it just complements the water running down my neck. Swell. Guess I'll go watch Rocco of The Restaurant fame go sweat over his own problems.

In other kitchen-related news, Julie of The Julie/Julia Project is coming down the homestretch and I'm thinking there's a glass champagne and a celebratory dinner waiting for her at the end.

Written at: 8:12:43 PM

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