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Saturday, May 17, 2003  
Mea Culpa continues
The mea culpa quilt is now in two halves, each sewn together in one direction. This is a mockup of how it looks and the sudden changes of color shouldn't be taken too seriously (at least the horizontal one in the middle).

Written at: 2:54:12 AM

Thursday, May 15, 2003  
Started sewing those squares together tonight. Have about 7 columns done and will have a few more done before I go to bed. I think it looks pretty good. The batiks are better blending than I expected. And I like the way that the "background" fabric transitions even though each color gets repeated. Have to keep my wits about me while sewing since the background colors are somewhat directional. Strange but true. Since the colors blend across the fabric, one side of a 3" square is slightly different from the other side. No change top to bottom.

Written at: 12:40:20 AM

Tuesday, May 13, 2003  
Got Color?

Gotta love gradated fabric. This is what happens when you lay out a lot of squares of fabric on a cutting board to try out placement. You're seeing about one inch of each square which will be 2.5 inches when finished. So literally a rough look.

Written at: 11:00:04 PM

Not sure what an earthquake feels like? Jeremy writes about his experience with the latest one in his neck of Japan. Great read!

Written at: 9:49:48 PM

Sunday, May 11, 2003  

Update on all that slicing and dicing of fabric. Click the image above to see the bits. That rainbow of colors? All one fabric. Oh yeah.

Written at: 11:24:01 PM

OK "Mea Culpa Quilters" -- I CUT FABRIC this weekend. I am now firmly committed to a particular pattern and design. So far I've only had to recalculate twice, but I'm doing OK.

What's with the Mea Culpa thing? Let's just say that our group was given some fabric as a "we're sorry" sort of thing and since we couldn't decide what to do with this mound of fabric, we're each making a twin-size quilt which will benefit the group. Hence the 20 plus batiks and the deadline. Standby for future photos

A productive weekend all around. I did a lot of NYQuilts! stuff and that makes my workers happy (they have what they need to do their job) and makes me happy (less hanging over my head AND it gives me a much clearer idea of what's going on aka big picture). Procrastination and clutter -- the evils of my life.

Finally, a note about the weather. So I'm sitting here in the quiet house, minding my own business, typing away, surrounded by snoozing cats. BANG Out of nowhere -- HUGE lightning. Thank goodness for laptops. Unplug them from everything and keep right on working. Yeah, I shut down Ron's tower too, just on general principle.

Written at: 10:24:51 PM

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