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Saturday, December 28, 2002  
Wow - it's like a little present to me to find Mia still out there in blog land. When my link to her site stopped working, I wondered if she'd moved, given up on blogging, lost her ISP or who knows. Luckily, I'm one of those people who throw an eye on my counter statistics. Where visitors come from and how they find my site interests me. And there was a URL that looked so familiar and yet.... could it be??? yes! it was her!

This year the lull between Christmas and New Year has been... well, anything but a lull. Some big family stuff going on, and no quilting whatsoever, and way too much work. And too much work when I'm working. Ron's been pulling the big OT too, because of a lot of illness among his co-workers. Tomorrow I hope to be productive and do some - well anything!

Oh! And if you want to see some photos of our holiday, go here

Written at: 11:46:30 PM

Tuesday, December 24, 2002  

Happy Holidays to all, and may all your fruitcakes be good ones!

Written at: 11:41:37 AM

Sunday, December 22, 2002  
Welcome MSNBC Weblog Central readers! Hope you like the mix of holiday preparations and quilting! Often times, there is more quilting going on, but you know how it is this time of year.

Written at: 10:01:19 PM

I'm going to bake today, no matter WHAT. Baking cookies is one of the small pleasures in my life. Messy but productive and nice to share. I love cookies. Gingersnaps, hermits, pecan cookies rolled in powdered sugar, a layered cookie that is topped with coconut, nuts and chocolate chips, flourless peanut butter cookies, shortbread. I have a new chocolate cookie to try making this year which is also flourless. What sort of cookies do you bake?

Written at: 10:22:50 AM

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