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Tuesday, June 25, 2002  
I'll be the one in a tiara and pearls
Tomorrow we head off to Vermont - this year it's my Mother, my friend Sue and myself. Pat is stuck at work but may attend at some point. Anyway, I think Sue and I may have started a little tradition last year when we both white gloved at the opening wearing a tiara. My tiaras and pearls are packed, I have a change or two of clothes and way more fabric than a person can use in five days. If I run out, there's always the vendors! Mom and Sue are taking classes but me, I'm opting for quality time with my sewing machine. Hope to move that pink and green quilt along a bit.

Anyway, it's a huge deal and there's a big pile o'stuff to put into the car and I better leave room for Mom and her stuff.

Need a tiara of your own? I have gotten a few at Amy Lee Designs. I don't get a cut (how unqueenly would that be???), but do tell her where you heard about her!

Here's a photo of my purple shoes in amongst things at the Apple Store. Looks like a muppet show - name things that are purple! Photo by Matthew Vilmany and I touched it up.

Written at: 11:10:36 PM

Sunday, June 23, 2002  
And why are we drinking SWITCH-el?

Should you make the switch to Mac? Most likely yes, says Mossberg.

(disclaimer: I didn't start out with this thought - it just sorta happened! Honest!)

Written at: 7:45:42 PM

From a hand-written index card given to me at a dance years ago, in response to some serious pleading on my part:
1 cup cider vinegar
2 cups white sugar
2 tsp ground ginger
1 gallon cool water.

Mix and serve to men in hayfield.
If you're not working in the hayfields, drink served over ice. You can certainly half this or double it and adjust the sweetness to taste. If you are working in the hayfields, common wisdom is that drinking things that are just barely cool is better for you, so omit the ice. Enjoy!

Written at: 7:25:10 PM

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