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Saturday, May 11, 2002  
Oh yes - I almost forgot that my order arrived from Penzeys today. That was quick. I nicked the box open and was rewarded with the wonderful perfumey smell of many spices and herbs. For about $50 I got: tellicherry pepper corns plus some ground pepper, fennel seed, whole nutmegs, sweet hungarian paprika (what a color -- what an aroma - like standing outside on a hot summer day holding a bowl of wonderful ripe peppers), basil, parsley and bay leaves. How nice is that? Very very nice.

Go - you need new spices.

Cooking with old spices (and you KNOW how old yours are) is sinful. Get fresh spices from a good source. Penzeys is not only a good source but very reasonably priced. Go now Enjoy life. Eat well. Escape grocery store spices.

Written at: 9:08:28 PM

Worked like a busy beaver last night pulling lots of things together for a NYQuilts! expedition to the mall. At the invite of Boscov's who is promoting our show by giving out flyers and putting up photos, we came with our raffle quilt and sat and chatted with people. Mainly we chatted with ourselves, but hey, that's to be expected. I was there all day, but I had a nice rotation of co-sitters to chat with. AND I finished the binding on my October Sky quilt. yeah! only the binding to sew down and a label to make. Phew.

Came home changed and am currently doing some laundry. I might have to head to bed early tonight - I was up late and cold enough to be uncomfortable part of the night. where are those silly cats when you need them. To make it up to me Bill is currently sitting on my lap purring up a storm. I'm not sure if he's repentant for not keeping me warm last night or if he's just decided that my new NYQ! tshirt (designed by yours truly on this here Mac) needed its share of cat fur. Actually I think I'll go up and sew together a few of those little triangles.

Other exciting news - 300 plus quilts will be on display at NYQuilts! this year. WHOA!

Written at: 8:18:52 PM

Thursday, May 09, 2002  
OK, that last post was pretty bitter. I thought about editing it, but hey, I'm a real person. I'm allowed to be ticked off and it happened to all fall that way yesterday. Today was interesting in its own way. Hung up on several times at work. Once by a woman and the rest by "no one there." A couple people were dismissive of me in the store. One couple -- totally bizarre -- the man made a weird dismissive face at me when I greeted them and then really pointedly ignored everyone and everything. They walked in, they walked out. Goodbye. Guess any shreds of warm and fuzzy from the fall are at last gone.

On the other hand, I have to say that the sky light has been really beautiful over the past few days. Wonderfully typical hudson valley sort of light - gold, glowing, shadowed clouds, many shades of blue, grey, you name it. In a word - atmospheric.

Written at: 11:12:09 PM

Wednesday, May 08, 2002  
How to really tick me off:

First, send me a bunch of emails that consist of Microsoft's idea of html -- taking MS word documents and saving it as html doesn't do it folks. Each email I got (and I got three of them) looked like 130K plus, was total garbage in eudora and when in a snit I cut and pasted all three into a single email to send back to the sender, I tied up my machine with a resulting 600K text email. Took some finessing to get rid of it, but I prevailed, cursing out the sender the whole time. I managed to send her 200K of it back, carefully changing the first and last tags enough that no way could it be interpreted by her MS as anything but text. I believe it was huge tables of books for sale. And she had scooped the email from a little known web page - luckily she didn't email me at all my different domain based emails.

Second choice - send me so many copies of the lastest Windows virus that my email is all screwed up due to bandwidth and server issues. Thanks very much for supporting, guess what - MS again. Folks - if you have to use outlook, at LEAST change your attachment folder's name and location. It's not hard and that alone can help disable viruses. Geesh. Pay for software to check for viruses, update it religiously, or better yet - get a mac.

Third - drive 40 miles an hour in a 55 mph zone and then, in the first and only passing zone, pull out to go around a truck that's creeping up the hill. Only - don't pass them. Just sit in the passing lane at 40 mph with 6 cars behind you. That's the closest to road rage I've ever felt.

Fourth - Be our ISP and respond to my request for assistance with a "we don't know but we think it's because xyz. someone else had a different problem that was sort of the same." Mind you, I had sent a copy of the error message so they could see that it seemed to be a problem on their end, and I was guessing it was due to the pile of 130-200K messages/viruses I'd been spammed with. Why did I think that? Because last week, when I had the same problem, I asked them to manually delete those files and guess what -- the problem went away. Hello - that's a problem on YOUR end folks. Fix it. Instead, when I politely declined their first suggestion and suggested that it was a continuation of last week's problem -- they responded with - oh, well first we need your account name and password and we'll delete files that you tell us to. How about just fixing the problem instead.

OK, now you know. I'm in a totally pissy mood and none of it's my fault.

Written at: 9:19:56 PM

Sunday, May 05, 2002  
Big news in Brainard - the robins' eggs have hatched. Now both parents are very busy feeding that crew! I hear them cheeping - feed me! feed me! What a great thing.

On a human note - Ian, from the apple store and his wife Amy had their baby - a girl now named Emma Victoria. awwwwww.

More pink is happening every day it seems!

Written at: 9:40:30 PM

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