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Saturday, May 04, 2002  

Written at: 12:50:48 AM

Friday, May 03, 2002  
I'm still alive and doing bits of sewing. That's actually a good thing about quilting. You can have multiple projects at various stages, all going on at different rates, all at the same time. Last night i couldn't resist putting a little quilting onto the nine patch quilt. I was SO pleased with how it looks.

Tonight I wanted something a little different so I cut some of the many pink squares into triangles and I've whomped up a bunch of blocks for the "pink" quilt. That looks interesting too.

I think I'm bonding with the folks at work over some things. Some were expressing concern today - where's doug (aka the inventory guy) and why are you doing his job? Well, truth be told, Doug took the day off to follow his passion - he and his dad went to see the movie Spiderman today at 10:30 AM. We managed to hold down the fort pretty well so he could enjoy a day off. One of my co-workers shared some music with me - saying only "this guy was the guitarist for Phish." Well, at least I know how to spell Phish! LOL

Long week. Ugly weather. Unsettled weather in my head as well. Hope to actually make progress in some things this weekend so I can get out from under,.

I really only came downstairs to get the camera so I could take some photos. Stay tuned.

update: I wanted to add my voice to the Verisign Google bomb - an effort to keep people aware of the ineptitude of this company and its mishandling of domain names and registrations. Go here for more information: Verisign

Written at: 11:16:44 PM

Tuesday, April 30, 2002  

Last night I put the binding onto the quilt along with a sleeve and today at lunch time, I managed to sew down about 15 inches or so of the binding by hand. Looks good so far. It's always hard with a really multi-color quilt to figure out bindings. I guess that's why some people avoid them all together.

Tonight - a more mundane job - clear off the sewing machine table. Clean up the sewing machine itself. Close all those pins on the nine-patch. Surely you didn't think that just because I'd committed to showing that other quilt that I'd lose interest in quilting this quilt, did you? :-)

Today at work - new powerbook models - WAY cool. I'm filled with lust after the 800 mHz one. AND a new hybrid old-meets-new educational-customer-only (DARN) model - the eMac.

And to round out the day, a great article about the new crop of macs by those folks over at Crazy Apple Rumors

I think I have time for at least a few inches of quilting - so that's all for now!

Written at: 12:22:59 AM

Monday, April 29, 2002  
After a chat with one of my quiltshow folks, I decided I was being unreasonable in my belief that I could actually quilt and bind my amish nine patch quilt. Yes I no doubt COULD get it done for the show, but the amount of personal stress, having committed myself to getting it done would not be worth the pleasure. So, what to do. I've always debuted a quilt at NYQ!. OK - so an opportunity to bind and complete one of the other quilts on the almost finished pile.

So tonight, being a good person, I first hung the nine patch back up, pins and all. Hold that thought. I didn't even close the pins. I then trimmed up the October Sky I quilt. a little off it was in measurement in terms of being square and equal on all sides. I tried steaming it into submission. No go. I went ahead and made the binding and the sleeve. Looked again at the two sides and they were still not equal. Ran a line of stitching and gathered that in the quarter inch or so it needed, over the long side of the quilt. That's like nothing to take in, but it will mean that the quilt will hang flat. Ah math. It's a good thing.

Written at: 12:27:50 AM

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