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Saturday, January 12, 2002  
Oh yeah, and speaking of the iMac and being busy at work, one admirer actually got down on the floor and kowtowed to the esteemed iMac. Wish I'd been faster with the camera on that one!

What was for dinner? a lovely omlette with more stuff in it than eggs. Yum

Written at: 9:30:00 PM

Got TWO new smart media cards - both 64 MB, so I feel flush with space. If I can manage it at all, tomorrow me and the camera are hitting the road.

Fun short day at work. LOTS of people and the time just flew by.

Back to the "what's for dinner?" question now.

Written at: 6:48:23 PM

Friday, January 11, 2002  
Darn. Took photos today - thankfully nothing that can't be re-shot -- tried to upload them to a machine at work and got a "not recognized disk, initialize?" sort of message. Uh no. Came home. Pop the card and adaptor into my machine. Same thing. Put it into the camera. Nada. Kaput.

Luckily I know where I can get a couple new cards tomorrow and reshoot my pictures but DARN. Hate that.

Written at: 11:54:45 PM

You know - I'm not a geek. Not even close. Wanna know something else? I don't care how it all works. I don't want to know. I don't want to know about extensions, and writing html is the closest I want to come to doing code. Can't recite the speed of firewire. Don't know why serials can convert to USB. Can only handwave about oh so many things. And that's perfectly ok with me. And you know what? If you care about those things - that's ok. I just wish you wouldn't think I should. If you keep it up, I'm going to make you learn how to do hand applique. I mean it.

Written at: 1:43:01 AM

It was nice being off yesterday, but now I'm totally disoriented to date....

Today the big buzz was the new iMac. We were very busy most of the day, and you could feel the floor tilting toward the counter with the new iMacs on them. Poor G-4 powermacs and cinema displays. Old news, LOL! Everyone wanted to play with the new and shiney and ooooooh so cool. Positive response from all, especially the mac afficianados and PC users. Interesting.

I mounted the new NYQ! pages with the links to the brochure PDFs. what a swell technology that is, to be able to take any file and convert it to PDF so anyone can download and read it. Positive response on that too. One person couldn't open the files, which probably means an older acrobat reader, or none at all.

Big accomplishment today, other than going to work? doing the dishes. Yes there were a lot of them, and now they're all done. Treated myself to a grilled cheese on rye sandwich and a lemonade and coconut rum drink. There must be a name for the latter tasty concoction. Yummy and easy drinking!

Written at: 12:11:24 AM

Thursday, January 10, 2002  
NYQuilts! meeting tonight. Now I'm working on uploading the brochure pages and changes....

Tomorrow, back to work. It was great having today off. Mailed my 911 quilt off to it's first showing as part of the touring group. Set up a fed ex account for myself. Picked up a box of NYQ! brochures. Cleaned out my car (man did it need it!) and went to the meeting.

When I'm done with the straight brochure stuff, I have to review how we did the online registration and get that working again. No rest for the webmaster!

Written at: 12:35:26 AM

Wednesday, January 09, 2002  
Wow, lots of writing today. Tonight I completed the final report for my grant quilt project. I was struck by this paragraph:
I completed 6 quilts, ranging from a rather stylized landscape quilt based on a view in Stephentown to some quilts inspired by colors seen in my travels. Although somewhat traditional in design (simple squares of fabrics) the color and abstract arrangement is reminiscent and reflective of nature as I saw it during 2001. I also have one other quilt top related to the series and two unrelated quilts made during the year.

As I thought about that - 6 plus 2 plus one top..... I realized.... wait a min, there's also the big millennial quilt I completed for NYQ! this year - queen size. and the raffle quilt.....

No wonder I'm in need of a new sleep surrogate.

Written at: 2:09:31 AM

Tuesday, January 08, 2002  
My around the corner neighbor Kathy has been thinking of going into a sort of personal-chef/meals for busy working women business. She asked me what I thought - what sort of market, what would they want. Now that whole concept fills my thoughts. I keep thinking of opening MY frig and finding tasty, healthy food there, in small one or two meal portions. A couple things in the freezer ready to microwave. Good food, wandering around in comfort-food-land. The food you want to eat, if only it didn't take cutting up a lot of things and cooking it for awhile. Food which fulfills your wish to really eat healthy if only the food you bought didn't keep going bad from neglect.

I've made soup twice in the last week and a half or so. I LOVE cooking in quantity, which is totally pointless when you're basically cooking for one. Yes, I could freeze it, but I'd still have to eat it quite a few times. I'm getting better at packing things like that for lunch and making that my main meal of the day. A big bowl of the veggie lentil soup (see below) today, along with a nice turkey sandwich. I was very satisfied.

What sort of things would be nice to find in the frig or freezer? I long for mac and cheese with chunks of whole canned tomatoes. Or how about a nice scalloped potato cassserole - could be with meat or not. Chicken pot pies with tender carrots and peas in a yummy gravy. A nice piece of chicken parm with some pasta and sauce. A small loaf of carrot or banana bread. See the key here is easy and or quick to re-heat or put on the table, a nice variety of food - maybe enough left over for lunch tomorrow. A reasonable dessert but not a whole bag of cookies that calls to you to complete. Throw some frozen veggies into the microwave, put it all on the table.

What intrigues me about all this isn't the business concept but the fact that it's not my idea, it's not something I'm likely to ever be involved in but I'm more than willing to turn over a big chunk of my brain to it. Nothing like a new project to get my teeth into - it's an excitement whether or not it's mine to execute or not. Takes my mind off the same ol' same ol' I guess!

Written at: 10:09:16 PM

The keynote was exciting, the continuing snow wasn't (although it looked beautiful), the new iMac is very exciting, the new iBook we've dubbed "son of Pismo" - very nice. iPhoto - ROCKS. A customer today referred to the new iMac as "half dome" which is very apt.

OK, that's it on the mac side of things.

Finished the NYQuilts! brochure and got it to the printer. Now to find something to eat and the next deadline.

Written at: 8:40:36 PM

Sunday, January 06, 2002  
So tomorrow's the big Apple keynote speech in San Fran. We're ready to lay the rumours to rest and see the real thing, whatever it is.

Tonight - SNOW. OK - it was an interesting ride home. Folks - most of you have lived here (upstate NY/lower Western New England) for awhile -- don't you remember snow from year to year? All righty then - let me give you two pointers.

  1. Don't slow down or stop while going UP hills. Don't put on your brakes. Don't stop. That means - keep going. No matter what it takes. Keep going.
  2. Brake before curves and give it a little gas in the curve. Yes. That's right - Don't brake IN the curve.
  3. Keep going no matter what. Don't make me do something foolish to go around you - yes YOU - because you're parked in the middle of the road, mid-way up a hill.
See, a nice bonus hint for you. That is all. Now go brush off ALL your windows so you can actually see where you are going.

Written at: 11:37:19 PM

All this and Genius gear too!

Written at: 1:56:13 AM

Oh yes, I could have been doing other things, but I ran across a source of great quotes so I added a LOT of them to the quote rotation at the right - and you thought I changed it constantly just for your pleasure, LOL!

Written at: 1:01:26 AM

Be who you are and say how you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.
Dr. Suess

Written at: 12:11:51 AM

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