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Friday, December 14, 2001  
Yet another fruitcake society reference - this time from South Jersey

Written at: 11:19:27 PM

How a Grief Ritual is Born. from the NYTimes.

Written at: 11:05:52 PM

I came home from a long day of toils at the Apple Store. Ron said - "you had a phone call. The caller said 'I'm from Saskatchawan' and I said 'This must be about fruitcake!'" LOL - and it was. Looks like I'll be in a "call in" show for a Canadian radio station. Very funny.

Hey - gotta take your notoriety where you find it. If it's in the fruitcake so be it.

Written at: 10:10:22 PM

Wednesday, December 12, 2001  
For your reading pleasure, another site linked to the fruitcake page:

Our gift from [your aunt and uncle] is the perennial fruitcake. apparently it was ordered in August and we haven't seen it. It may be lodged in the Post Office in D.C. with the mail of the millions from the anthrax scare.
[Your aunt and uncle] also ordered a fruit cake and it was delivered to their house while they were away. It was dumped at the top of the stairs and sat. some animal came along and ate part of the box and fruitcake and slobbered over the rest.
[Your cousin] said to [your aunt and uncle] "If the raccoon wouldn't eat it why would you send it to someone as a gift.?" Well ,we wait for the fruitcake.
I hope to high heaven that this dormant fruitcake gene remains hidden in me for at least a little while longer - each year, my dad lets the fruitcake "marinate" in the pantry, and breaks it out in March. I recommend the perennial chocolates from the other side of the family much more. 

Written at: 10:24:21 PM

Too funny. First the Memphis newspaper interview by email. Then I found links to this site via my referral stats.:
Our Most Recently Added Bad Songs:
Christmas Medley
by John "Bowtie" Barstow Christmas
Torture Factor = 10
This is my personal Christmas gift to WOTW fans everywhere. John "Bowtie" Barstow has created some of the most injurious Christmas recordings ever to grace the ears of humans and I have lovingly made this "Bowtie" Christmas medley just for you. It will fill you with more holiday spirit than a year old fruitcake and leave you drunk wih joy. Merry Christmas and God Bless!

Written at: 8:38:26 PM

Tuesday, December 11, 2001  
We remember September 11, 2001

Today was the three month anniversary of September 11th. Seems like yesterday and forever, doesn't it? After my MD appointment, I went in to get a coffee at a local Stewarts shop and they had lettered "We remember September 11, 2001" on the small white boards that usually advertise donuts and breakfast specials. That really touched me. No flag waving, no hoopla. I thanked the young girl behind the register for that.

I had been thinking about this for several days, and I was feeling pretty together actually until 8:46 when NPR joined stations and governments and schools and others across the nation and world in playing the US national anthem. They chose a wonderfully non-military/ballpark/parade version. That started the tears. I was glad I pulled into the parking lot at work a little early so I could gather myself for the day ahead.

Hear the NPR report here scroll to the bottom of the page for the real audio link.

Written at: 8:45:49 PM

OK first off, let's just get it over with -- the iPod is like the coolest thing going since the first walkman. I don't even feel the least bit guilty having plopped down a chunk o' change for something that's hmmmmm a bit frivolous. I used it this morning and I also listened to it at lunch time. Can't say my legs are any less tired, but it sure made me feel peppier after lunch.

After not much sleep last night, I got up this morning way too early and got to the doctor's office. Dr. Z was actually quite nice to me I thought. I just laid there after he injected the two spot sites with lidocaine -"this will really sting" - YIKES. But after that, the entire procedure was totally painfree. Since I was lying there, and he was working, we didn't chat much. Earlier though he had mentioned that when he cooks he tends to destroy the kitchen. Good results, but big mess. Well! When I sat up again after all was done, the entire little room was covered with bits of wrappers, gauze etc. What a hoot. And he made sure every thing was MUCH tidier before letting any staff members in. Very funny.

Gotta say though that the lido was a great anesthetic.

Did a bit of shopping at lunch time and after work. Bought an inexpensive little belt case for the iPod just to get it out of my pocket. Now I better feed them cats and give Bill his evening shot.

Then what?

Written at: 8:34:54 PM

Monday, December 10, 2001  

(yes it arrived today!)

Written at: 9:18:03 PM

Sunday, December 09, 2001  
Not wildly productive today, although we did have an exciting trip to the True Value store. Ron needed a battery. I browsed. I found - MUCHO excitement here - half gallon jars. I am the owner of some, now down to five of them. Very perfect for storing soup or red stuff etc in the frig or for storing a lot of flour or sugar etc. I hadn't seen them in eons, had thought about this recently, and now here they were. And 6 cost about the same as a dozen quart jars. Go figure. It's like Mason/Ball charges by volume rather than type or size. And these are wide mouthed jars. Can you tell I bought both boxes they had out? Yes, I'm a happy camper.

I also got two new bird feeders. Hopefully the birdies will return tomorrow.

Tonight I made some spicy lentil soup with rice - sort of a tomato-y base. And I made a double batch of ginger snaps.

Tomorrow - a small sign up sheet that starts off:
pot·luck - Pronunciation: 'pät-'l&k, 1b also -"l&k
Function: noun Date: 1592
1 a : the regular meal available to a guest for whom no special preparations have been made b : a communal meal to which people bring food to share -- usually used attributively -- a potluck supper--
2 : whatever is offered or available in given circumstances or at a given time

Written at: 9:55:57 PM

From the very first, when browsers were new, I have enjoyed the true essence of web-surfing. Going from one page to another to another to another via the links on each page. From recipes to physics to high school social pressure to 12 step to crafts to new babies to old cars. It's all out there and if you're lucky you can find it in one long continuous string of links.

With that in mind -- found on another's web site, this link.

Is it perfomance art? literature? a superlative example of shockwave and java scripting?

Be prepared to spend hours. Use your mouse pointer idly and with purpose. And whatever you do, don't miss this part of it:.

Keep the light on.

Written at: 4:47:50 PM

Sleighbells ring, are you listening?
In the lane, snow is glistening...
A beautiful sight
we're happy tonight
walking in a winter wonderland......

Written at: 2:32:22 PM

It's SNOWING! YEAH - first of the year that's amounting to more than a few flakes. Just looked outside and everything is covered with snow. Wonder how much there will be in the morning???? Off to bed now.

Oh the weather outside is frightful
but the fire is so delightful.
And since we've no place to go......
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Written at: 12:41:50 AM

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