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Saturday, December 01, 2001  
There is no end
There is no beginning.
There is only the infinite passion of life
-- Federico Fellini --

Written at: 10:03:05 PM

In today's NYTimes was a memorial to Christoffer M. Carstenjen, one of the many killed on 9/11/01. Chris was one of two from the English/Morris dance communities killed. He was on UA flight 175 enroute to join a group of bikers for a ride up the California coast. His web site included this advice:

Best of all.....

Keep healthy, wealthy and wise. Your job is important, but don't live for just your job! Keep active and an open mind. Practice random acts of kindness. Complement someone each day. Listen to all sides of a story before making a decision. Don't be afraid to admitting on being wrong. Learn the meaning of Life. Try, please try, to live within your means. Don't worry about saving money for your kids' college costs, it means lots more if they pay their own way. Save at least 15% of what you make for retirement. Try to meet someone new everyday. Ann Landers really means well. Plan for the future. Listen and surround yourself with positive people and speakers. Don't let the turkeys get you down. Write when you get work.. :-)

Take care,

aka Sir Sword Boy , The Porch Guy, and Mr. Wonderful

Written at: 6:36:12 PM

Friday, November 30, 2001  
An observance of World AIDS Day in the personal web publishing communities
Rudy's panel in the Names Project Quilt # 3678
An observance of World AIDS Day
in the personal web publishing communities

Written at: 9:23:40 PM

Thursday, November 29, 2001  
Thank goodness for friends. Many of my online friends wrote with calming words, words of personal experience, and just to let me know I was being thought of. So today I'm not as freaked, but just a normal amount of worried.

Worked til 8 and sold some stuff today, talked to some nice people, some not-so-nice people, and spent the last hour or so tidying up the stock room. It looked great. Would that cleaning my own house would be so easy and rewarding.

I had a total brain spazz for about 20 minutes today. When I mentioned this to an asst. mgr, he cleared me of all responsibility, saying that it was all because of the full moon. I can live with that! For that short period, I could not ring up sales easily because everything I did, I did out of proper sequence. Totally strange.

I noticed today while driving in to work that there are these wonderful areas that are a real yellow tan and a mahogany brown color - think marsh grasses and oak leaves. I just kept catching glimpses of this and thinking that the irregular jagged edges and those two colors together were just compelling. Overall a grey and rather rainy day, which of course helps pop out those colors. we really need the rain, so I have no complaints there. And now to sleep.

Written at: 11:36:13 PM

Wednesday, November 28, 2001  
OK, this has just been a totally weird weird weird week. I'm tired. I'm over loaded. I've apparently lost whatever little I had. I haven't been able to keep a schedule of when to go to work with me so that I have it when I get home since last week. Monday I was early, which was OK - I went and had my hair cut. Yesterday I was there insanely early because of the way-to-early doctor appointment. Today I was sure positive I was supposed to start at 11. Got there right on time. uh..... did you know the schedule has you starting at 10? yikes. So I'm not doing well. I made DOUBLE sure I had the schedule for the rest of the week and next in my pocket when I left work tonight. Geesh. They were totally ok with it, had enough people, not swamped with customers, but boy did I feel like a total ditz.

And while we're on the "lost it" subject - as I was reviewing a handful of sites last night for yesterday's entry links, I managed to totally freak myself out about the spots I was having checked out yesterday at the doctors. He wants to remove and check out both of them which is pretty routine but he seemed more interested in the one that was less worrisome to me. After looking at the photos I understood why. This left me wondering - should HE remove them? should I ask for a referral to a surgeon? Should I ask for the day off? Is it likely that it's really bad? If I hadn't been really sleep deprived I doubt I would have slept much last night. Luckily I guess I was so tired that sleep was a good thing.

Written at: 10:56:45 PM

Tuesday, November 27, 2001  
I did get my flu shot but turns out I had a pneumonia shot last year and they're good for a long time. We discussed side effects of flu shots. He mentioned that some people think that they got the flu from the shot. I allowed as most of them never had the REAL flu. I have. It's bad and worth trying to prevent, even if it means a sore arm, which I got as a bonus. whooo hooo.

And just a general admonition to watch your spots! Do keep out of the sun and have any suspicious spots checked out by your doctor.

Written at: 11:49:03 PM

Sunday, November 25, 2001  
My neighbor and I went to see Monsters, Inc tonight. Since the last movie I saw was probably Chicken Run (still one of my ALLTIME fav films), I was a little skeptical. Well! we had a ball. Definitely NOT a kids' flick, full of other movie references. Unbelievably easy to accept this animated world as reality. No problem. Even had a clencher closing.

Oh and the pre-film flick was a hoot too. Go see it. The 10 year old kid sitting in the row ahead of us kept looking back at us thinking "what the heck is so funny?" and that was funny all on its own.

Written at: 11:09:53 PM

Signs for the times

OK, these were too funny not to pass along, even if I don't work in cubby land anymore.

Written at: 6:04:00 PM

LaVonne over at BornFamous pointed me to this link about recycled and low-key holiday celebrations aka recycled christmas.

Every year I think something along the same lines. And every year get sucked into the same ol' same ol'.

This year I already have some special gifts picked up along the way during travel etc for different friends and family. And yesterday I picked up some um, some raw materials that were in a clearance bin. Let's just say, I'm taking a page from my Grandmother Mulligan's book and making a bunch of gifts from something else. And they'll be quite nice too. If you knew my Gram, you'll have an idea of what I'm doing, since it was a frequent gift we received from her.

PSsssst (added 11pm) -- wanna see a cool gift my brother gave me last year for Christmas?

Written at: 2:51:44 PM

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