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Saturday, November 10, 2001  
getting back to the iPod count: 405 songs on my machine..... and 628 on Ron's. We're almost through all our CD's! Well, closer to the end than to the beginning anyway. I think after I am done ripping, I'll go through and remove some cuts that I tend to blip over when listening to the CD. Ah, freedom from cuts you don't like Ron's already starting to "prune"!

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Two links that I'd pass along:

students and others provide watch over victims of 9/11 in NYC Free registration at NYTimes required.

At, click on the "Being Peace" icon near the top. Gave me a few moments of thoughtfulness. Nice way to start the day or give yourself a quiet break.

I found this very nice after some bad excitement at work yesterday. In training I had learned that most theft in stores is done by professional thieves. That idea was pretty incredible to me. Yesterday we got to experience it first hand, and in fact, I actually got to speak to both members of the team of thieves during the couple of minutes they were in the store. Totally breath-taking in the speed of the operation and frightening to me in how it affected my thoughts and feelings toward people in the store for the rest of the day. Along the same lines, I read in Dear Abby today something that pushed all my buttons:

DEAR ABBY: I am a grandmother who volunteers in a third-grade class. Last week, a child I was reading to turned to me and said, "Grandma, have you ever been so hungry that you couldn't play at recess?" It broke my heart that an 8-year-old girl could get her brother and herself off to school, but not have food for breakfast. Of course, our elementary school has a free breakfast program. The irony is that some parents would rather send their children to school hungry than sign them up. Unfortunately, many children complain of hunger during the school day. My teachers and I have started a classroom pantry so we can provide a nutritious snack to any student who, because of hunger, struggles to read, solve an arithmetic problem or play actively on the school grounds.

Now - the schools have breakfast and lunch programs which provide free or low-cost meals to students who need them. And yet it's up to the parents to sign up the kids who need and would benefit from such a program? That seems to be so against the purpose of the program. If the school finds that a child is going hungry, don't we have an obligation to provide the child with meals? We have ok'd the expense of such programs. Our goal is to give kids the meals they need in order to prosper and learn. I think we can find a way to do it without embarrassing parents or compromising anyone's beliefs, don't you?

It all boils down to: Do the right thing.

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Thursday, November 08, 2001  
Just counted. As of this moment, I've ripped 29 CD's to mp3 format for future uploading to iPod. yikes.

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OK, I'm pooped, I'm tired, I'm exhausted. But no rest in sight. Yikes whatta week. And the week ahead shows no let up either. More on this as time goes by.

The good news to report today is that our new little kitten, Fergus (gus for short) made it through his hernia repair operation ok. He was wobbly and a little disoriented when I got him home and spent a lot of time crying. I'm sure he's got more than a little pain. I've got no way to explain it to him. He's upstairs now, finally asleep on top of Ron. We're supposed to keep him quiet for a few days and keep him from going up and down stairs, leaping about etc. uh huh. Ron passed up overtime tonight to stay home with him tomorrow. what a guy!

Meanwhile, work continues on "ripping" CD's in preparation for the coming iPod. I'm sure I'm not even 20% done. takes awhile, even using two machines. Ron's machine is much faster than mine for importing the CD files and converting them because he has a CD-R drive whereas mine is a DVD. Never wanted it in the first place! LOL. Oh well, little by little it gets done. Can't complain about it being hard. iTunes makes it easy.

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Monday, November 05, 2001  
I almost forgot to post the home video of the kitten I made using iMovie. Turned out pretty good - best viewed if you have a higher speed or at least steady internet connection. what's iMovie? A wonderful Apple software that lets you drag and drop and edit video and still and music files into a single unit and then export it to quicktime etc.

Yeah yeah yeah, he's cute beyond words.

The background music is two music files I had on hand from Twink It was the most appropriate music I could find and it always makes me smile.

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I AM 30% GEEK.

According to this easy to take survey, I probably work in computers, or a history department at a college. I never really fit in with the "normal" crowd. But I have friends, and this is a good thing.

Ok, so I don't work for a college history (ick) dept. but I guess that working at the Crossgates Apple Store would count as working in computers....

Take the GEEK Test at!

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For photos of the big day with my folks, go here

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