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Saturday, August 18, 2001  
Quote number 12 is by Garrison Keillor: "People have tried and tried, but sex is not better than sweet corn."

This is certainly one of the great truths of summer, isn't it?

I just had the epitome of the summer dinner - two ears of fresh sweet corn and two fresh tomato sandwiches.

Although these days I cook the corn in the microwave, the tenderness of tonight's ears was beyond belief. I shook off just a few kernals for maggie, who likes corn, but other than that I wasn't willing to share. A little butter, and that's all you need.

I normally prefer white toast for tomato sandwiches, but this was a bakery marble rye bread. Thick slices of strong rye toast, generously spread with Hellman's best, slices of dark red tomato and coarse black pepper.

A several-napkin meal which could have gone on course after course. Gather ye sweet corn while ye may - it's a short season in upstate New York!

Written at: 8:05:38 PM

That's cool - I used the textGEAR from htmlGEAR to put a bunch of quotes into a rotating display. Got quotes?

The quilting is going along pretty well. The area in the background is so chopped up that it's one big excuse to wander away and do something else!

Did grocery shopping today. Being in a somewhat benevolent mood, I didn't chase down the shopping cart scofflaws in the parking lot, although I shook my head at one of them.

Nor did I crash my cart into the really annoying little-old-lady-who-left-her-cart-wherever-she-wanted in produce. I finally got ahead of her so I wasn't encountering her in each aisle. eeeks. You know the kind - takes grapes out of a couple-three packages and makes up her own package? Takes about 20 feet of paper towels off the roll because her leaf lettuce is too wet.

But all in all a good outing. Stopped at the farm stand and bought corn, tomatoes and cucumbers. Resisted asking another LOL (little old lady - that's an EMS term based on the book _House of God_ which used LOLINAD - little old lady in no apparent distress) why the corn in the big corn paper sacks was better than the two sack fulls out on the table - still cold, btw.

So I'm ready.

I have a hankering for corn pancakes. And corn souffle.

And more tomato sandwiches.

Hmmmmm wonder what's for dinner tonight?

Spent some time this morning looking at the apple retail site and feel pretty upbeat to say the least. Yeah! Even watched the quicktime videos about the store opening in Glendale and the one with Steve Jobs talking about the store layout.

Written at: 6:57:49 PM

Friday, August 17, 2001  
So! today around 5 pm, the phone rings and it's Dan from Apple. They're pleased to offer me a job at the coming Apple Store. How about that?! Shirts provided.

So after talking it over with Ron (I have a nice bridge for sale too) I called back and accepted the verbal offer.

Dan called back awhile later to ask me what size shirt I take. that was pretty funny.

So training starts the day after labor day. Store opens Sept. 28.

It's been more than a year since I walked out the door in Williamstown for the last time. Will I be the oldest person there too? Who knows?

Written at: 10:02:37 PM

Thursday, August 16, 2001  
Tonight I completed the first big area of quilting in the center, at the top. Quite pleased with how it came out too!

that moment when you move from flat unquilted top, to quilted surface is a hard one. But I have to move on, taking courage in that I like how the quilting adds to the design and overall piece. Once it's started there's no problem keeping on.

Click on "Late 16 August" to see today's progress.

I'm sure now, at least as much as I can be before starting, that the different fill designs will do what I hope and created slightly different textures/apparent colors in the white areas. Hope to do lots more tomorrow.

Meanwhile no phone call from Apple. hmmmmmm

Written at: 11:44:29 PM

Quote from the Impressions exhibit (thanks Dona for writing it down!)
"There is only one true way.  Paint from the very beginning just what you see. If you get it, you get it.  If you don't, you start over.  All the rest is just fooling around."

-- Edouard Manet

Written at: 10:56:57 AM

Wednesday, August 15, 2001  
ok. What's for dinner and who took the few brain cells I had left to think about questions like this?

Written at: 6:57:13 PM

Made my phone calls and follow up re the verification. All is well. Phew. Interesting that I got handed off to another person within the same organization to be considered for a different job.

Did a little quilting but then the vacuum cleaner was feeling lonely so I vacuumed the rugs and floors a bit. Looks better as always. Did some wash. Washed the front door rug.

Making some coffee now because I need a little something. Maybe I'll have a little nosh too. Bill the cat was just bugging me for a little pre-dinner nosh. Maybe we were both feeling a bit peckish.

Had a chat with Pat who asked me to remember to be brutally clear in instructions for future blocks. Leave NOTHING out. Assume nothing. Be proactive. It's interesting what people do.

Written at: 5:16:30 PM

Dona and I had such a good time in Western Mass yesterday. Met up at 43/22 and condensed into one car.

The Impressionist exhibit is worth every penny of the $10 and more. It was very crowded which was probably the only drawback, but even so. Nicely arranged and displayed. New work and familiar. I bought the accompanying book, and many of the prints in there were worthless compared to what we actually saw. that was really shocking! So go in person to see art and go whenever the opportunity arises.

Have to make some phone calls this morning about jobs. Two that contacted me, and then have to follow up with the agency doing verifications for Apple. Seems they tried to contact Lycos for verification that I worked there and no one returned their phone calls. How rude is that? I am eternally grateful that they called me. geesh.

Oh, after we did the impressionist exhibit and lunch (poached salmon on salad greens with green beans, tomato, greek olives and hard-boiled egg), Dona and I went to the Waverly outlet and to another place with similar fabrics and even more and better wall paper. We stopped in between the two shoppings and had pie and beverage at the Red Coach right in Adams. Just down the street from the down-on-its-luck Miss Adams Diner. Dona had Chocolate Cream pie which looked to die for. I had "Banana Fluff" which was described as banana pudding mixed with cool whip. It was much better than that. If there was cool whip in it, it was what made the banana cream part so light and silky. The taste was wonderful In a homemade crumb crust and with just a right amount of whipped cream on top.

Slept well for the first time in weeks. Maybe it was the final interview nagging at me but I woke up after a whole night's sleep and felt great.

on to the day now.

Written at: 11:29:22 AM

Monday, August 13, 2001  
I felt today's interview (#3 with Apple) went pretty well. I'm always amazed at what some of the questions are and the insights they can get you. Sometimes it's the simple ones that are tough - Talk about a time when you had to take things into your own hands.

I was totally stumped. I bumbled around and then told the guy that what I'd come up with probably wasn't a good example, and that I was having a tough time with the question. (Then it occurred to me - it's because you do that all the time. It's not a unique moment in your life. You don't wait around. You just DO. Ahhhhhhh!) When I summarized that for the interviewer he said - oh, so that's part of who you are. Ahhhhhhhh! Yes!

what an interesting moment.

Will know sometime between Thursday and Sunday. The Apple store is due to open on Sept 28.

Got the fabric needed to make borders for the raffle quilt - now in iteration #6. Dropped it off with Pat and had a nice visit in her office. Had forgotten what it was like. Also visited with Nancy Holmes. Saw another CopyCenter customer who told me how much he missed me (after three years!) because the people there now won't collate his weekly stuff. They'll copy it, but won't collate it. How stupid is that? Mind you, it's the MACHINE that does the collating and stapling, not the people.

Probably didn't learn how to do that. duh.

went to staples to buy CD-R because I am having a CD burning problem that I can't get past. Thought I'd try a new batch (didn't work).

Of course all the back to school stuff is out.

Best find of the day (no not the 200 sheets of wide rule paper for twenty-nice cents!): a lime green notebook. Bound type. "The Original Marble Cover - 100 sheets" of GRAPH PAPER.

Yes! For 99 cents apiece, I bought two.

I love working on graph paper and then hate myself for ripping out pages! Often those sheets form the working outline of my design and construction process.

Came home, wrote my thank you letter. Been vegging out since then.

Tomorrow - The Impressionists at the Clark Institute!

Written at: 11:29:08 PM

Sunday, August 12, 2001  
Wow - I didn't remember posting at ~gasp~ 3:38 AM, but there you have it. FTP/the net in general was pretty rocky last night otherwise I would have been in bed a lot sooner. Hate that.

Today I was still snoozing when Pat called to consult about the raffle quilt. Worked on that here and then later on with her again. Here's the current iteration.

I got a letter Friday or Saturday from, um, my short-lived employer telling me what my user login and password and email account is for the new email/web system. How lame is that? Did I try to log on? Sure did. Invalid. Oh well. That would have given me a chortle.

I've found recently that that whole debacle has bothered me more than I would have thought. A good job I suppose would make it easier to forget, eh?

Needless to say, I haven't done much else today in terms of sewing - but I did do the dishes, change a light bulb and a few other things that don't look like anything at all.

Written at: 6:30:10 PM

Today was the big wedding day in Brainard NY - Bobi Dengler married Michael Pakatar right next door at the Denglers! First of all - they have done a fabulous job landscaping and gardening and building in their back yard. It was gorgeous.

So I took LOTS of pictures and when I came home around 6, I started processing them. I listened to the DJ music and announcements. Just a little while went by and the second wave of guests arrive - co-workers of Bobi and Michael from Boscovs. There was another wave of music and dancing to go with it. Then the DJ finally wrapped it up.

A good time was had by all, I do believe. The food was catered by Fresco's - the restaurant in New Lebanon that Ron and I go to regularly.

So if you're really anxious to see wedding pictures here they are!

Written at: 3:38:16 AM

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