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Saturday, August 11, 2001  
Sometimes it seems as though the creative process happens in spite of everything that's going on. I know it happens sometimes as part of what's going on, but other times it seems to have no connection at all with other events. Unless you compare the intensity of the event to the intensity of creative activity. Can you say disassociation?

Which all goes to say that I seem to be quilting at an even level despite anything else that's going on in my life. Probably a good thing, since it's about the only constant, and perhaps the only thing over which I have much control. Can't make people give me a job. Can't remake anyone to be something they're not.

I did do a little work - put up the index page in fact - on the wedding page. whooo hoo. Should be an interesting afternoon tomorrow, eh?

At least the weather has changed. Supposed to be relatively cool tonight and reasonably summery tomorrow - perhaps in the low 80's. I figured out something relatively cool to wear, since I didn't want to wear black, however artiste that is.

Now I'm celebrating the cool weather and my quilting progress with a small glass of um, gin. And olives - they count as veggies right?

Written at: 12:16:43 AM

Friday, August 10, 2001  
one more thing. I decided that since I am going to my neighbor's daughter's wedding on Saturday - held right next door no less, I would take digital pictures and put them up on a web site.

I set up a tripod account for them and did some initial very simple design work. If I can find out what their "color scheme" is tomorrow I'll make it more customized.

stay tuned!

Written at: 12:41:51 AM

OK - getting into quilting the winter quilt, but it was pushing 100F today, so my willingness to sit with a fairly good-sized quilt around me was, shall we just say, limited.

Most of what I did was work on test "fill patterns" to fill up all that white space.

Click "Quilting Test Patterns"

I got up this morning and decided I'd do errands and hope to get back before the worst of the heat. I went to the post office where there was a package. For ME! With goodies like a thread sample color chart and some sample spools of thread and more! For ME! (love ya bonnie!)

Stopped at the lab where I normally have bloodwork done. I had no instructions for the tests Dr. Z had prescribed. Oh, you mean I need to be in a fasting state for these. Swell. So I'll go back.

Then to the Doctor's office to drop off the "goods" for a test they do to **ahem** older people. Oh the humanity of it. Treated myself to a trip to CompUSA, wondering just how big an Epson 1270/80 is. Pretty big. But do-able. While there I saw a woman standing in front of the display of mac laptops.

BTW- I have to say that this is the first time I've ever looked at the mac area of compusa in Latham and thought - oh - look - cool. Most of the time it's - ick - they're all broken or corrupted. Once I went in while in the market for this here powerbook and none of the laptops were working and most of them had broken keyboards.

Anyway, I say to this older lady -- pssst -- did you know that Apple is opening a store in Crossgates soon? (no) Yes! in late September!

I felt like I should have had a trenchcoat and slouchy hat on! LOL

Would have cruised to get some prices on plexiglass but it was already about unbearable when I came out of there. Came home and called to make an appointment for a bone density scan. Finally! The person who answered the phone listened to my request and said - oh I think that's ((mumble mumble)) hold and I'll get the number. UH, you don't do those? Nope, this is a cardiology office. Hmmmmm This is the number written on the referral. The whoever who wrote this up wrote xxx-5533 and it should have been xxx-5353 Just a little different.

Call the right number. Set up the appointment. have a glimmer of a thought - explain about the wrong number, and that I have a suspicion that the whoever might have sent the faxed referral to the wrong office. yup - none on file. Great. No problem she says, but GREAT.

Hang up without finding out where the heck this is, call back and get that.

Spent the rest of the day trying to keep me and the cats cool.

Written at: 12:38:27 AM

Wednesday, August 08, 2001  
OK, I'll admit to being pretty psyched about finishing the quilting on Ablaze. Sleeve and binding - no problem!

I decided I'd show it at the Berkshire quilt festival in October - still no problem. The question? should I show another one? Seems like I MUST have most of them done by then actually.... So which one next. When I was talking with Pat, she almost blurted out "Do the Winter one!" which surprised me only because I thought she'd pick the seasons quilt.

The trick is of course that I probably should do a big quilt next because soon (ack) she'll be handing off the NYQuilts! raffle quilt to me to quilt. Even if I do only an all over design with some accenting of the pieced bits, it will take a good week to quilt.

So I got out the winter quilt (working title now "Midwinter afternoon") and measured it. As I told her - this thing isn't small - 48 X 84" or so. But it's smaller than the queen sized one that will be coming. So I got together a sample and tried out some light threads which seem to work fine on the white. This is applique and quilting at once so there are more threads involved than if I were just quilting. Probably.

Maybe I'll look at it a bit more before starting. But any time now.

I have til tomorrow to decide whether or not to show it in Pittsfield! No pressure.

Written at: 11:48:06 PM

Yesterday was hot. Today was miserable. Ask Bill.

Nonetheless I did get into the final border of the second October quilt. Perhaps more importantly I have a tentative title for it. Ablaze. Came to me as I was rounding the first corner.

Tonight I stuck my head outside the house around 8 pm to catch whatever breath of air there might be, give the front garden a little water and just try to get cooler. I leant my head back and saw the most beautiful pink cloud. So I ran upstairs and out on the back porch, where I took some wonderful photos of the sky.

ooooooh aaaaaaaaah. Sky blue pink.

Written at: 2:09:27 AM

Tuesday, August 07, 2001  
Most days, the mail goes through. Most days, the UPS and FedEx guys deliver.

Today I was on the phone when the UPS guy came. We waved at each other. When I hung up the phone I went out for my package. Gosh - looked like an elephant stepped on it. This was my order of 300 sewing machine needles! OK, not just for me -I'm sharing with a few others.

I literally didn't have to open the package because the one end was already open.

I reach inside and pull out a couple of those air pillows, a couple of styrofoam peanuts. And a tiny ziplock baggy. In it, a matchbox size plastic box with 100 size 80 needles. That's it for the box. No 70's! Of course - THOSE were the ones I was looking for.

The only other thing in the box was the receipt and a note of thanks from Ericas, which conveniently had a phone number. I call and explain the situation and the woman Michelle says she'll probably call me back but that they'll file a claim etc. I offer to send digital pics of the box. Probably not necessary she says.

When I hung up I thought - oh what the hey. So I did that. Probably a half hour later the phone rings and it's Michelle again - they didn't have two more packs of 70's but they have one and that will go right out. the other will come as soon as it arrives, at no extra charge of course. That's fine.

I upload the pictures in a little web page, since these are not good days to be sending attachments to folks, I figure.
Sorry about the pop up - I put it in an account I don't use much.

That was probably the most exciting moment of the day until Deirdre caught a mouse. I didn't see the mouse alive which is a whole new experience in itself. Usually our guys catch them but don't know what to do next so they just carry the poor mouse around. LOL. I've rescued many a mouse! Maybe I won't have to do that anymore, if Deirdre can instruct the others.

Other than that - HOT. Unbelievably hot. I'm about to start the last two passes in the outer border of the first quilt. Thus endeth Tuesday.

Written at: 11:24:26 PM

I'm always after people to clean and oil their sewing machines:

And looking for new and exciting ways to make my life easier. I realized (by chance) that the thread I was using was breaking, not because the thread was weak but because the quilt was rubbing up against the spool enough to increase the tension on it and POW - it would snap! Later on, I needed to clear off the ironing board, so I put my tin of cashews (snack food of champions!) under my thread lifter.

Later on, no thread breaking. Why? Because the spool is now above the level of the quilt, no matter what!

One of those silly silly discoveries that you make that work out really really well.

Written at: 1:20:10 AM

Monday, August 06, 2001  
Best Brush Off of the Day:

Dear Applicant:

Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities with the Professional [really really niche organization] of America - Eastern Division. Unfortunately we can not offer you further consideration at this time.

I wish you well in your career pursuits.


Actually I shouldn't complain. They at least responded to the letter and resume I sent them. Unlike so many (read - MOST) of the places that don't even let you know what the story is after a face-to-face interview. So points for that, really really niche organization..... :-)

Meanwhile it was WAY hot here today. Went for a drive to the East Greenbush Community Library and the Grocery Store - the first mostly to see what sort of display opportunities they might have and well, to both, seeking A/C opportunities.

Hot hot hot. Now back to quilting.

Written at: 9:35:22 PM

Sunday, August 05, 2001  
Despite the heat, quite a bit of quilting progress today:

Sort of a lonely day on other fronts, but had the next to last slice of the most wonderful cateloupe that I'd bought. Wow. Shared my tuna (the juice of it) with the cats so they think I'm God's gift to them personally. We love you lady - we really really love you.

OK - back to do some more work now.

Written at: 8:20:30 PM

must get work. must get work. must get work.

or at least

must get a job. must get a job. must get a job.

Need to take back my life and not feel trapped by circumstance.

I wondered today if I'm not getting a job (although I HAVE been actively trying!) because I would need to deal with the rest of it all then.

Too many big thoughts for such a hot day. I'm gonna pull a Scarlet and think about it another day.

Written at: 2:34:26 PM

Used the script linked to the Blogger home page to make my archive date listings ever so sleek and elegant. Sure - you didn't even notice!

I might not be able to write code, but I can sure cut and paste it and make it work!

I've got the viney things done on the quilt center and I'm doing spirals in the black triangles. I just love the groove that gets going when I'm quilting finally! Things are finally getting going.

Written at: 12:17:40 AM

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