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Saturday, August 04, 2001  
Let the quilting begin!

Yup - after all the shilly-shallying, I have most of the center done on the Oct2 quilt. GOTTA come up with a real title for this and a couple others. Sometimes the title comes first. Sometimes it comes last. Sometimes you have to make it up.

Whatta day.

No word from the Airport btw. I'm assuming that's a no but keeping an open mind.

Written at: 10:49:45 PM

I was looking at the routes which lead people to my "orientation" journal, which is not way publicized. I don't promote it. I occasionally get hits from others on it when I update it because it appears for moments on the blogger front page and I figure people think it's about sexual orientation.

Anyhoo, I follow the string back and it turns out that someone searched on MSN for "cat herder" and here's the results!

Whoooo hooooo!

The #1 hit of course is for the cat herding ad by EDS.

I'm gonna be chuckling over my sewing machine all afternoon.

Written at: 1:14:31 PM

Friday, August 03, 2001  
I worked a little bit on the front page of the Flotsam re-launch. And I mean, only a little bit. I made the banner and link graphics, stuck up the page on the first of the two accounts and called it a night.

I liked the fact that I could stick a little graphic of my own onto the ad space but...... BUT - it took me multiple tries to actually get the image to upload. And a BIGGER BUT - it hardly matters what the little 120 X 60 graphic looks like when the ad is shivering and shaking to beat the band. Must be someone thinks that animation isnt enough. More effective if it looks like you're having an earthquake? Or the DT's?

Be that as it may. If you're just dying of curiosity to see the page that goes no where (remember - don't click!) go here

Speaking of which, Terry Gross of Fresh Air fame said r-e-d-u-x as RE-ducks. Is that right? I always thought it was re-DO. how bizarre. Holy mackeral -

One entry found for redux.
Main Entry: re·dux
Pronunciation: (")rE-'d&ks, 'rE-"

Go here if you want to look it up and HEAR it being said. Who'd a thunk it? Handy link anyway. - Merriam Webster.

Written at: 11:59:22 PM

Thursday, August 02, 2001  
I am laying claim to a web site or blog title that I was blessed with. Let me say it now for the world to see and hear:

Pensive Pimento

Who the heck knows where these things come from????? But say it again aloud - doesn't it feel good rolling off the lips?

I just signed up for a bunch of free web space so I can try to get the flotsam act back on the road. urrrr, on the web again.

Written at: 3:08:10 PM

Tuesday, July 31, 2001  
One more note. I think I bought 8 yards of the pima cotton. What was I thinking?!? After ripping off a 3 yard hunk, and then a 2+ yard hunk guess what - only a couple yards left. Duh.

Silly girl - I think I'll look in the hancock catalogue and see if they sell it by the bolt.

Silly tired girl.

Written at: 10:51:59 PM

Backings are done.

Last night I honestly don't think I slept at all. I was zipping around still at 2 (mentally) and even though I normally cork off once I lay down, well it just didn't happen. Add to that mix the fact that there were countless cats walking around thinking "my, it's a bit nippy tonight, isn't it?"

So today I'm feeling a little droopy.

So's the dryer - the motor runs, but the drum doesn't move. Hopefully won't be too expensive to fix. meanwhile the clothesline will be fine. Nothing like 90F days to dry clothes.

In the moments before I did go to bed last night, I had a thought for a new quilt. More on that as details develop.

Got an email with interview info from Apple. This time - the Ramada lobby!

OK - off to think about what I need for tomorrow.

Written at: 9:30:08 PM

Monday, July 30, 2001  
I am currently working on backings. Let's just say, I did the first one without trouble and screwed up the second one by not watching what I was cutting. ooops. Nothing major. Just a little more piecing than I'd hoped for.

My major accomplishment today was probably grocery shopping. I bought good things to eat. Even bought some gladiolas on the way home at a local farm stand. Sent Ron a page to say "steak for dinner if you're interested." And he showed up, cracked open some beers and ate with me for a change. Maybe I should send him page messages more often!

Which brings me to the "shots of the day." They're not really about local views, but more like the view in my kitchen today. But I am quite pleased with them so I posted them at photographica. Sometimes the view is all about seeing what you're looking at.

I have always thought this - that much of the world is beautiful and worth looking at. But you have to look.

I think it's interesting what Jerome wrote as a comment for these photos "She sees a photo while washing fruit... I love that. " What happened was I was washing the nectarines and the sight of them in the white china bowl, in the sunlight was almost beyond belief. I could hardly break away to get the camera, but I knew I had to try and capture that beautiful set of colors and textures and light. And if others look at them and think - wow, how beautiful nectarines can be, or - look at the skin of those or - how the drops sparkle, I think it was worth capturing.

Jerome's comment has given me a lot to think about. Especially since the idea of SEEING is what my grant is really all about. Seeing what's in our own backyard. Or kitchen as it were.

Written at: 10:54:55 PM

whoooo hoooo!

I finished the last border, mitered corners and all on the second October quilt tonight. It's been interesting to me to see all these tops together - they are a pretty cohesive group. Even with this new little fern quilt thrown in - my first adventure in fusing - they will all go pretty well together hanging en masse.

I'm pooped - stayed up too late last night putting photos onto web pages and updating the grant site. STILL can't figure out why some of the photos won't load, or stall consistently. Maybe I'll send an email to someone over at Tripod to see if this is a general problem. Could be I'm just not seeing the problem but a syntax check doesn't show anything either.

Went for a walk today too - was VERY much hotter than I expected and there were a lot of deer and horse flies out. Cool sighting of the day - saw one of those sphinx moths that impersonate hummingbirds Fascinating to see, tried and failed to get a photo.

That's all for now!

Written at: 12:23:26 AM

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