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Friday, July 27, 2001  
I'm not really posting twice today - the last post was really "last night."

Today I had an interview. I'd really LOVE to get this job. OK, wish it could pay even a few K more, but I'm in it for the learning opportunity. No doubt some young college grad with an art history degree will get it and think it swell paying, but I'm crossing my fingers on it.

Then I bought yet MORE fabric at Alfred's - for backings. Cheap. Really cheap. $2.88 a yard sort of cheap. $5 a yard for 60" wide white pima cotton. Hmmmmm I should buy some of THAT to make gift pillow cases out of. It's luxurious feeling and doesn't wrinkle like some cottons do.

Stopped at the Nassau Library on the way home and chatted with Pat the librarian. Let her know where I stand in terms of number/sizes of quilts and what I'm thinking in terms of postcards for publicity mailing. I really only need to know how many to print - I don't mind if the Friends group mails them or at least labels them.

Next week I should get in touch with a couple more exhibit possibilities so one postcard cn list several dates.

Written at: 7:12:53 PM

What I started to say yesterday was that it's interesting how things go. You get one nibble for a job and suddenly others look more appealing. You start hoping that the first one will turn you down and one of the others will say "you're the one!"

Years ago after ditching a boyfriend who would not have called me for say MONTHS, the moment I went out for a first date with a new guy the previous guy would call or write me. I swear this is true! The day after I became engaged to marry, the previous fellow called to ask me out sailing. I politely declined. Hung up. Called him back to say why.

As soon as I left a job of 20 years and started a new one, I started getting canvass letters for a civil service exam I'd taken 9 years previous. No kidding.

My revelation yesterday that the moment I have a sentimental thought about a relationship, that's the moment I'm set up to get slapped with just a little, how shall we say, reality check about it. Never fails.

On the other hand, I had to rummage through the MANY photos of Tripod today for a snapshot that Gail wanted. Found it, but had to see way too much of the fun times we had there. Yes there were cranky times, hard days, mutterings - as there are with all jobs. But what can you say about a place that had weekly exhibits of weird stuff people collect, or potluck lunches, or matchbox car championship races? I even miss my cubicle at times.

It's been 13 months of being unemployed. Must be time for someone to say "you're the one!"

Bet as soon as they do, either someone better will ask me out or someone from my past will appear from the mists.

Written at: 12:17:35 AM

Thursday, July 26, 2001  
Isn't it interesting how things go?

I had an interview yesterday. Didn't think it went all that well, but on the other hand it wasn't the interested hiring party doing the interviewing. This was an emergency, first round interviewing because the person lined up to start the job decided not to. Beautiful place to work though - wow. Great art work and molas on the walls. Cotton Hill Studios

Come home and get a phone call from the art gallery at the Albany International Airport

In the meantime, today in the sweltering heat, I managed to sew the remaining rows together for this little pink and green quilt. So far the title is "Apple Dapple" because that's what started it - thinking of looking up into a blossoming apple tree.

The cats and I spent most of the day shpritzing as they say, although cats don't admit to sweating. They just fall over a lot. Besides sewing I did domestic things like laundry and dishes and a bit of cleaning.

Found this great logo tonight while searching for something else:

Planet Pink Slip DO check out their tshirt logos at the top of the page. I might have to get one of these.

Written at: 12:52:22 AM

Tuesday, July 24, 2001  
How Eudora got its name

Written at: 11:19:03 PM

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