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Saturday, July 21, 2001  
Went to MacWorld Expo yesterday with Ron and had a good time wandering around looking at Mac stuff. All the Apple employees were very cheerful. Wow. went to a talk about iMovie and another about OS 10.1. Both were well done and presented. Talked to the Epson folks about color printers.

We went to B&H before the trip home. Didn't get what I wanted, but what a store!

Today - more on the grocery cart contents. The folks in front of me - couple of out of control kids who kept going MAMAAAAAAAAA, - had boxes that looked like kraft macaroni and cheese but said "Shake and Bake" or something similar. A LOT of it. animal crackers in mylar type ziplock bag.

The young man behind me had: a strip of three yeast packages, bread flour, a muffin tin for small-sized muffins, 2 boxes of ramen noodles - one each chicken and beef - so that's like.... 16-20 packages? Uncle Ben Rice Bowl. I couldn't help but ask about the muffin tin - they're so cute with the small cups. He said he was making a bread recipe that you make in small muffin cups and serve with fruit and syrup. OK. That explains the flour and yeast. I said - oh, like Babas (au rhum)? no response. Must be in Martha, I bet!

What did I buy? everything on my list: olives, tabasco, crushed/chopped hot pepper (jar), mayo, frozen lemonade, half and half, cottage cheese, cheese - both cheddar blocks, and american and swiss slices, some deli meat for ron. Two bags, a little heavy on the dairy.

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