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Saturday, July 14, 2001  
One of the things that makes grocery shopping bearable is being nosy enough to notice what other people have in their shopping carts. Eeeks! The things people buy.

--disclaimer-- I am not a totally raw, unprocessed food purchaser myself. But compared to what I see in the carts of others I could probably get stamped "organic" LOL! --disclaimer off--

OK so the lady in front of me in the check out line had bottled water, quite a few of the ??arizona?? Rx teas - stress relief etc, and a bunch of instant soup things. I thought, with water out of the tap, you could make lots of tea or drink the water. There was a bunch of other stuff too that was really strange.

Other things that jumped out at me - huge boxes of multicolored cereal. Single serving soup in bottles or cans. This totally puzzles me "Suddenly Salad" - apparently makes a pasta salad. How sudden can that be? Would this be with dried vegetables? mmmmmm

What did I buy? Cans of tomatoes, and crushed tomatoes for making sauce. Vegetarian baked beans for a quick dinner side. Tuna. A brisket to make BBQ beef. coffee. A beef kielbasa in case I want to make soupy stuff. Romaine, celery, green beans. Some pasta. Some cheaper pasta for macaroni salad (with tuna probably). Rice (which it turns out we didn't need yet) Beef hot dogs (recent guilty pleasure for when no one else seems interested in dinner).

Lest I sound too pure - I replaced the bottle of Bombay Gin and Sue's bottle of Parrot Bay Rum.

Now it's all put away and it's time to go sew.

Written at: 4:06:35 PM

Exciting times in Brainard. My alter ego appeared unexpectedly.

And I played with some left over pieces. Here's what they look like at the moment.

I volunteered at WAMC on Wednesday, had a meeting with the new president of the Rensselaer Co. Regional Chamber of Commerce and today had a job interview with Apple. what a week. I'm pooped, but energized by all the quilting too.

Written at: 1:05:07 AM

Sunday, July 08, 2001  
The Seasons Quilt Top is Done! whooo hoooO!

All those big hunks finally came together. And without too much trouble actually. Looks better really than this funky photo of it, mounted somewhat precariously on the only blank, large wall of our house. See more

Last night I had "post-top-completion anxiety" or something and rumbled around in the sewing room until I realized around 11 pm I was just exhausted and went to bed. (night before was a toss/turn sort of exercise). I did manage to pull out a lot of colors for an amish-style quilt but was too braindead to do any math. Still had enough sense to realize that I was too braindead though, and enough sense not to try rotary cutting anything.

Suppose I should spend sometime looking at the sunday want ads today. Busy week coming up - Wednesday I'll be volunteering with WAMC radio station's fund drive then a meeting with Pat. Thursday Pat and I have a meeting with the new prez of the regional chamber of commerce. Friday is my interview with Apple for the new Apple Store in Guilderland.

Guess I should schedule some more time with OS X, but I've been busy actually working rather than needing to putter. As I told Ron, when he sent me a "great web URL" for programming languages - maybe HE should get this job and leave me alone. He's not getting that a job at an Apple Store is retail, not programming etc. Yes they want you to be Mac savvy etc but it's not programming. And I don't want to do programming.

Written at: 11:51:39 AM

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