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Saturday, June 09, 2001  
Yesterday I went to the Interment Service for 'Lexi Lepore - small group of family, school friends and neighbors and friends were there. It was at the Evergreens cemetary in New Lebanon NY, most notable for being the resting place of NYS Gov. Samuel Tilden.

After, I went to JoAnn's in Colonie to pick up an item that was being held for me. I had a 50% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket and used it to buy a big flat carrying case like Pat and Sue have. $60 is too much, but $30 is a great price for something like this. Holds an 18 X 24" cutting mat and a lot of other stuff.

Now there's a 50% off coupon at Ben Franklin and I'm thinking that my 18 X 24" mat is pretty chewed up! LOL

Last night I worked on the winter panel. I'm not totally thrilled with the foreground area, but may let it sit awhile while I ponder other options. I might do a test piece to see what the sheer/white stuff I got to help with the idea of snow looks like sewn down. My feeling is that it will look good when it's not just stuck on there.

Written at: 10:24:10 AM

Thursday, June 07, 2001  
Worked on the quilt, took a walk, processed the photos.

I think the 7 June photos came out pretty darn good!

Now I'm waiting to see what to do about dinner.....

Written at: 7:15:52 PM

Another Thursday.

Mail today brought a package from St. Rose, where I have 15 credits of a 36 credit Masters degree in elementary ed from 1987-89. ack. Seems forever ago that that degree represented my "out" of working in the print shop. sigh. I'm not sure a) if they'll accept the credits and b) if I'd want them to! But I have to look into it.

I can tell that the job-free state is starting to bug me. Have to get to work on my quilting while I have the vast opportunity, but I know deep in my heart that I need to work for the money.

When I stepped outside today it was SO warm and bright - made my whole body relax. Welcome summer!

Written at: 10:47:35 AM

Wednesday, June 06, 2001  
East Side tonight was great. Helped Mom pin baste a quilt. Joan J. helped me cut up some donated fabric into lengths for table coverings. Mom brought the serger for me to use to finish the edges.

Then we sat around and looked at books and pictures while Naomi cut and sewed on a quilt. After we came up for air on the gabbing, we put away the big tables, packed up our stuff and went out for ice cream!

Yum! Rum Raisin!

All this and a day old full moon.

Written at: 10:58:30 PM

This has been a humdinger of a beautiful day apparently sandwiched in between some mighty rainy ones.

Since it was so nice, I got up and out rather early this morning to take some photos. The clouds were fabulous!

Fiddled with some of the other photos. Tried the QuickStitch software for making panoramas. You Decide

Fiddled with IMovie and finally paid for Quick Time Pro version to see if that would help. It did some (by letting me translate the .mov file to .dv, but silly me needs to remember to keep the camera in basic horizontal mode apparently. No way to rotate movies? (Know a way? Please email me if you know!)

Other than that I've sort of spun my wheels. A local paper wants to do a story on me and my grant and wants to come photograph but where? Not in this house! LOL. Not quite ready for prime time as they say. Thought about sending my quilt to vermont but have another couple days to ponder that. Looked at the new autumn section of the new seasons quilt.

Bothered the cats. About to head out to East Side Quilters.

Very productive day. My sink is still shiney. Life is not altogether bad.

Written at: 5:51:32 PM

Tuesday, June 05, 2001  
Let me just add here, that despite all the fun I'm having quilting and learning to keep a clean house, a paycheck would be mighty nice? Let me know if you have any leads!

My two links for looking locally?

The TU want ads and the reverse phone look up link via Metacrawler. A MUST have. Darn all those ads that won't say who they are! Must everything be a mystery?

Written at: 11:52:36 PM

Yesterday I learned about this site, FlyLady where the goal is to retrain yourself to have good habits in terms of housekeeping chores. Man, can I use some of that! Even though the site only seems to work in IE (ickypoo) I read and I subscribed to the email list via yahoo. So far I've cleaned my kitchen sink - don't laugh it SHINES! and the counter just to the right of it. I also threw away my first 27 bits of clutter.

For good measure, I vacummed in the living room today. Cats had a big catnip party there and it was a mess. Not quite beer cans all over, but.... LOL

Slow but steady wins the race on this one. Tomorrow - maybe the bathroom floor!

Written at: 10:23:59 PM

Monday, June 04, 2001  
Mail outgoing and incoming - bills out, other stuff in. the other stuff included my severence check from Sage, an insurance refund check and some miscellaneous stuff.

After mailing my outgoing stuff at the Nassau Post Office, I went in to the grocery store to get some stuff for the next few days.

Meanwhile, at some point Deirdre snuck down into the basement. Can't remember if I saw her this morning or not, so I don't know how long she was down there. She was sure glad to come out. I was holding her little purring and rubbing self and walking past a window when some unknown noise made her and a few other cats go flying. Well! That meant I yelled as four sets of little sharp claws went pushing off of ME. This made the pushng off more frantic and made the claws even sharper! yikes!

Now all the cats are a little nervous.

Oh well. They'll forget about it soon enough.

Written at: 5:10:00 PM

Sunday, June 03, 2001  
Back from a nice relaxing couple of days at Brant Lake with my parents. Ron got OT so he stayed home with the multitude of cats.

Mom and I went to the Wings Falls quilt show which was nice - guild show with two years of quilts made by members. A few wowser quilts, some by unfamiliar names and many quilts from patterns and many that were "professionally machine quilted." In a moment of bean counting I toted up the number and about a third of those entered had been professionally machine quilted.. About half the total quilts shown were judged.

Other than that the weekend was WET - it rained, thunderstormed and rained some more. We had just enough breaks in the rain that we got the 50 day lilies I'd ordered for Mom and Dad's day in the ground. whew! Now some warm sunshine would be a good thing for them.

The lake is very very high.

On the way home I stopped at a place Mom and I had stopped on Saturday. Then, like a fool I hadn't bought anything. It was Lazy River Farm in Warrensburg NY - right off exit 23 of I87. Some of the most spectacular hanging baskets I've ever seen. Nice other plants as well. WHY didn't I buy a basket on Saturday I thought?

I was glad when I pulled up at five on Sunday that they were still open (til 6!) and I wandered around again enjoying the plants. A cat said hello to me and when I stopped to scritch his ears he put a paw on my shoulder and next thing I knew he was draped over my shoulder. So I hauled him around while I was looking. I finally asked if one of two baskets would be better in partial shade since my porch only gets morning light. I got to drive home with a beautiful basket in the front seat. I also picked up a resin frog with some attitude for the front garden. He was only $5 and I just had to bring him home. Left the cat at the garden center.

Nice drive home, not too rainy, nice views.

Now I'm off to read some more "House of God" and then to sleep.

Written at: 11:37:05 PM

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