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Friday, June 01, 2001  
Well, the new hard drive is in. I even got to help screw it into the protective guides with the little tiny screws. Took a couple hours - literally - to zero out the new hard drive. Then we partitioned it and installed OS 9.1 into both partitions. Then began the process of hauling all the stuff from Ron's machine to this one.

Not hard exactly but you have to be careful. Still have some bugs to work out. Why don't all the hierarchal menus work in the apple menu? Why can I get the AIM up in the main menu bar but not palm? Why don't some settings seem to stick? Why did I ever do this? Oh yeah - 20 gigs.

Well, most things are back to normal. The rest shouldn't be too bad. Crossing fingers on that one.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2001  
Tonight I spoke at my friend Pat's adult ed beginning quilting class, on machine quilting. I didn't bring a machine, we didn't sew. It was strictly "my spiel" about how to prepare for quilting (your quilt, your machine, you) plus lots of tips and lots of samples.

For show and tell I brought the quilting sampler squares I'd made for the class I taught - lots of different battings, washed and not, ditto for fabric. quilted all of them, serged the edges and washed them all. I also brought my little test pieces that I'm always promoting people do, for warm up, for machine testing, for trying out new things.

I also brought a selection of quilts. Pat suggested a few of my more "modern" quilts - she thought they'd get a lot out of seeing my raw edge applique landscapes etc. I also brought a quilt I'd made in 1997. Very simple piecing - large squares of navy and black TONS of quilting in both yellow thread and black in the background. That quilt really has it all quilting wise.

Answered lots of questions and stressed that it's all about practice. And more practice. Be as one with the machine grasshopper.

Went well.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2001  
My I'm just in a very talky sort of mood. That's probably the thing I miss most about working - the daily interaction with other folks. Actually, it's one of the things I missed while at my last work-attempt. Ha!

Anyway, I'm deep in procrastination. Deep deep deep procrastination.

I've pulled out mucho fabric for this new quilt, have the design clearly in my head and just can't decide on the mechanics of making it. Of course HOW you sew it all together has more than a little to do with how it looks in the end. This just isn't my normal modus operandi. So I keep moving piles of fabric around - YES! more blue! more brown! etc but it's not going anywhere.

Mainly, in a week, I've managed to make what was just messy, into VERY messy, on several fronts. Oh well.

Back to piling up fabric.

Written at: 9:42:36 PM

OK Blogger, all is forgiven, since you didn't really eat my long post before. You just chewed on it for awhile.

kiss kiss

Written at: 7:45:46 PM

Darn! Wrote a long long post and it vanished. Darn you you blog you!

Written at: 6:22:54 PM

Another Tuesday!

Went to Home Depot and Staples for like the third time in three days. Yesterday was definitely the most memorable of the three visits. HUGE black clouds, downpouring rain, half inch diameter hail. I had to sit in the car a few minutes after the hail started and I realized that

  • the windows were totally fogged up inside because of the drop in temperature
  • the car was shaking back and forth because of the wind buffeting it
  • the hail was a mixture of 1/4 and 1/2 inch pieces and very firm looking.
  • the raindrops were huge
  • when it started it was like someone upending a bucket of rain overhead - whoosh!
  • when I finally opened the car door, opened the umbrella and stepped out, the water in the parking lot was over my ankles!

all this in just a few, maybe three minutes. Amazing.

Today's trip was looking for a storage something to go with my little computer desk set up. My folks had given me the student desk that was mine, well when I was a student. It's got a hardwood top and chrome legs and sort of a salmony-pink color metal storage unit on the left of the kneehole. Inside the top, horizontal section there it has a stamped logo that says "Heywood Wakefield."

Last night for grins, I put this into metacrawler and lo and behold, much of Heywood Wakefield furniture is collectible. It's even being reproduced! Most of what I saw didn't look anything like my little student desk. Most of it was steamed and curved wood furniture - very modern in a 50's-60's sort of way and reminiscent of deco and scandinavian stuff. No I didn't find that people were willing to pay large sums of money for my little desk.

Anyway, it's a pleasure to have a desk to put my powerbook on and put my knees under. Much better than perching on the edge of another desk with a desktop on it. But I need a little more storage than the old desk can give me. I will say that my travel case for the laptop fits just so into one of the two vertical slots in the desk. Perfect!

So I'm on the look out for a storage unit that will fit within 20 X 21 inches or so. I thought one of those tall skinny units would be just the ticket but no one was willing to sell me one today. LOL - if I weren't looking for one, they'd be dime a dozen.


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