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Wednesday, March 21, 2001  
Lovely day. took an hour to go tooling about looking for views and photos for the grant project. Had a nice time. It was warm enough that my pile vest over a long sleeved shirt was good enough - chilly at first, but ok in the sun. I **MUST** remember to put boots on before doing any more "off-roading." Of course, I was walking in a few places today where I thought - if I go through the pack, I'll be up to my hips and might be here til spring REALLY comes. Speaking of which - Happy Spring!

Tonight was East Side Quilters' meeting. We had a special show and tell of first/early quilts and current quilts. I didn't bring my newest quilts - they see those on a regular basis. I did bring photos of two quilts made for previous boyfriend. And I brought the quilt I made during my engagement (quilt as you go attic windows) and my danish cookie tin quilt. Pat recalled our strange field trip to a quilt show in Ocean City NJ. We were new at this then, and when I was asked to display this little round quilt as an invitational there, we took off. Stayed at a great little B&B, found a great quilt shop. The show itself was a guild show and to amuse ourselves, we went around and privately judged all the quilts. That was actually a good experience for us.

It was valuable for me, as I told the East Siders, because I thought I'd made this superlative quilt - WAY outside my box and experience. And I lost to Charlotte Warr Andersen. Who? Well, I got to see that quilt in person. Wow. 1990.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2001  
Well the big accomplishment today was getting cat fud for the cats, specifically Bill. He seems to have turned a corner - - still needs soft food but needs more of it. Right now he and Mrs. Bill are curled up together fast asleep. Anyway, with seven cats you go through a lot of food and litter and paper towels.

Other than that, I sort of poked around. My tripod account got reinstated towards noon which was nice. No official explanation of what went wrong, but my guess is new authentication db meets abuse software. Oh well.

To celebrate, I put up a few photos of our National Quilt Day Celebration at Crossgates Mall.

Tonight I went looking for a stack of black print fabric and found:

  • my new cutting mat that has been missing a couple weeks
  • my box of rolls of film that I bought at Target a few weeks ago
  • some fabric that I'd gotten in that time frame and thought I'd put away....

So what does this tell you? My sewing room is a mess.

And to add injury to insult, while I was putting away some of this fabric, the new winter quilt fell down. The wooden bar that it's pinned to clocked me on the top of both hands, leaving a bad welt on my left hand. That HURT. I'm icing it now, but I bet it's ugly in the morning.

Written at: 1:23:50 AM

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