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Wednesday, March 14, 2001  
Sometime during the night, weather started happening - rain/sleet/ice - so when I got up this morning, it was quite icy. Road didn't look too bad. I figured I wanted to turn the car around at the least, since it had been sitting for a day. Took it to the post office and then up the hill past the Columbia county line (towards Old Chatham). From there, I had a view of a big puff of smoke north of rt 20. Guess that's why all the fire trucks were scurrying around.

After that, I parked back in the driveway and walked down Kinderhook Lane. There wasn't much to see actually, except for a few bushes that had inch long drops hanging from them. OK, icicles. But they really were drops. And similar drops were falling off the trees which made quite a bit of noise.

Had a nice visit with my folks today and even got dinner. After dinner we had a little appleworks tutorial.

When I came home there was a nice message from my friend and former co-worker Julia - a little pep talk re job searches. Julia is going to walk in a 60 mile walk to help fight breast cancer so maybe I should be giving HER pep talks! Thanks Julia.

Written at: 12:40:43 AM

Tuesday, March 13, 2001  
Yeah! All the cats went skittering off this afternoon, although I hadn't heard anything yet. Lo and behold it was the UPS man with my camera, back from being repaired. I of course had to test it out. I updated the winter quilt and to give some balance, took some pictures as a gift for you

Tonight we're supposed to get mixed precip with the emphasis on ice. Glad I don't have an early commute, LOL.

On that topic, still sending out resumes and going on interviews. Broadening my search as it were, but still trying. Got a call from a company today and in my brief phone interview was asked the human/technology ratio I'd prefer. The opening they had she said was only 30% human interaction and she was pretty sure it wouldn't suit me. She was probably right! Interesting question though.

Written at: 1:05:10 AM

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