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Friday, March 02, 2001  
Wow, time flies when you're having fun, eh? I have actually been working at various things. Even managed a bit of housework!

I planned out, bought for, made sample for and packaged up a whole lot of "kits" for the 2002 NYQ! raffle quilt. 20 kits for border blocks and 5 kits (needed 6 and made one) blocks for the center. That took several days.

I looked at and poked at and re-pinned a bit the winter quilt which is ready to applique a bit, add the borders and layer for quilting.

I filled out and sent in my quilt registration for the Vermont quilt festival. Didn't have a plain ol' photo and sent them a rather nice print out of a digital image (Elegy - one of the mourning quilts finished last year).

this of course got me thinking about the fact that every year I've "debuted" a quilt at NYQ! and that I found myself with several quilts done but nothing "new" for this year. Despite the fact that I'd planned to debut a four patch bar quilt. Which sat in pieces on my so-called cutting table. I rearranged the stacks in the sewing room, found the stacks of pieces and whomped them together. Now there are five strips of four patches and 6 strips to go around them, and 2 of each sewn together to start the top. If I can keep on this way, maybe, just maybe i can get this layered on wednesday. A girl can dream, right?

Oh, and I've been on a few interviews. One particularly bad one, with an agency - not for a particular job. Very bad. Another one that was rather interesting with some folks that seemed like they'd be fun to work with. More coming next week.

So yes, it's been a busy sort of week or so. More quilting ahead!

Written at: 11:44:19 PM

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