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What will you be renting: (For more info)

    Bases - 8 bases per box
    Conduit for uprights and horizontal bars
    Hardware for hanging

Cost: (for normal rental time of 1 week or less -
these fees should be verified before making a decision )

    $50 flat fee for use of racks
    $15 per box of 8 bases (We will only rent full boxes of bases)
    This fee includes conduit and hardware - you tell us how much you need

Security Deposit:

We ask for a $100 check from your organization as a security deposit. This check will not be cashed and will be returned to you upon confirming that all bases, conduits and hardware have been returned.

What you need to provide:

    A signed contract stating how many bases, conduits and hangers you need. PLEASE contact us before sending a contract.
    Two checks - one for the rental fee, and one for the security deposit, to be provided with the contract or 30 days in advance of the pickup date.
    A truck to provide covered transportation of racks
    Manpower to load the racks into your truck and help unload them on return.

We ask that you work with us to find a mutually convenient pick up/return day and time. Our "keeper of the racks" is a valuable NYQuilts! volunteer and we need to insure that the process doesn't become a burden to her, while meeting your needs too.

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