Quilt Rack Rental Agreement

Between __________________________ (organization) and NYQuilts!, Inc.

Signing this document means that the renting organization agrees to pay the fees stated below, to provide a security deposit, to provide manpower for loading and unloading the racks, and to provide safe transportation for the racks and care during their use. The security deposit check will be held by NYQuilts! until the return of all rented pieces. If all rented items are not returned, a charge will be made for replacement of each item found missing, and if less than $100, the cost will be deducted from the security deposit.

NYQuilts! agrees to provide the number of bases and pieces of related conduit and hardware as stated below by the renter.

 Use Fee (Due not less than 30 days in advance)  $__50.00__
 _____ Boxes of bases (8 bases per box) @ $15 per box  $_________
 _____ Conduit for uprights/horizontals  No charge
 _____ Hooks and pipe clamps  No charge
 TOTAL RENTAL FEE  $_________
 SECURITY DEPOSIT (separate check, due with rental fee)  $__100.00_

Dates needed: ___________________ to _________________________

 Event Name: _______________________________________________

Event Location: _______________________________________________

Contact Name: _______________________________________________

Contact Address: _______________________________________________

Contact Phone: ______________________ Email: ______________________


 Signed: ________________________  Signed: ________________________
 for _______________________________(org.)  for NYQuilts!, Inc.
 Date: _________________________  Date: _________________________